Film look with After effects CS4


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  1. Sam Lee says:

    Okay so can someone tell help me, cause im new at this Adobe after effects
    is to edit the video and what is pre pro 4 ? someone help please :[

  2. Krister Strand says:

    Very nice video. I really liked the text and the movie colors! tell me, is
    it best to use after effects as an editing program, og premiere? Thank you.

  3. NHBEY39 says:

    i recorded with the setting 1080 50i sf, then converted it to 24fps at
    1280×720. You might wonder why i did that when it records in 720p. I was
    just trying things out and the workflow was very smooth doing what i did
    and better quality.

  4. NHBEY39 says:

    @luvfinger I would aggree with that depending on what monitor you view this
    on, i have viewed this on different monitores and each looks slightly
    different, when i work on anything i use only the 24″ HD monitor, but if i
    run through HDMI into the Sony Bravia flatscreen it looks different again,
    i would advise anyone to work through a flatscreen tv should you be doing
    something for DVD and only your monitor when you are doing something for
    the net

  5. Peter Moe says:

    oh I love the song

  6. Aravinth Ragavan says:

    hi buddy… u should have used warp stabilization from AE cs5.5 or should
    have tracked and stabilized the footage for achieving a movie look

  7. TheGameCrasher says:

    the guitar kinda reminded me of’s intro in europe.

  8. NHBEY39 says:

    @slerbo Thanks for the tips but the mood is as intended. Because this
    camera doesnt do 23.976 fps I had already transferred the fps from 30 to
    23.976 then deleted the original footage! So when it came to slow mo I only
    had 23.976 fps to play with, bit of a durrrrrrrrrrrrrr moment lol. I no
    longer use this cam and twixtor all my footage nowadays.

  9. Ben Herbert says:

    when you render in after effects, what settings do you use?

  10. NHBEY39 says:

    Apart from the camera work i did the following in After effects. 1.Titles
    2.vignettes 3.Curves/ Levels adjustments (colour correction) 4.Masked areas
    and blurred to create a DoF look,or attempt to lol. 5.One scene has a sky
    replacement(which involves tracking and masking) 6.Converted the frame
    rates Edited in Premiere pro by cutting the clips and re arranging them to
    at least have some relation to the music’s tempo and time.Most music is in
    4/4 time so easy enough.Then rendered it out

  11. freefallproductions3 says:


  12. NHBEY39 says:

    @ForeverFire i think the text is “Eurostyle”

  13. Jordan Cole says:

    whoa how did you make it look so clear and crisp?

  14. Victor Nguyen says:

    what is the song to this video?

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