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Posted in Losartan on 5th April 2014

CHF Medication – Enalapril substitute?
Hi, Our pet is on a medication enlapril, salix and vetemedin. She has and enlarged heart and she has a dry cough right after she started taking enalapril (6 months ago) (the cough was not that bad before). The cough is gradually progressing and i know it could be cause of progression of CHF however she seems very healthy otherwise and her resting respiratory rate etc is in the healthy range.

Now my question is more in specific to enalapril. I hear that a progressing side-effect of enalapril or ACE is a dry cough that increases with passing months. I want to know if there is an ACE or any other blood pressure medication for dogs that i could talk to my vet about which will probably reduce the cough side effect.

basically an ARB? or any enalapril substitute? with lesser side effect of cough.

i just cant find any name of a substitute with lesser side effect (cough) on net etc that i can check with my vet in the next visit – pls do help.

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Answer by ckm1956
You nailed it with the ARBs. The big reason they were developed was the ACE related cough.

“Available ARBs include losartan, irbesartan, olmesartan, candesartan, valsartan, azilsartan, and telmisartan.”

People that cough on one ACE-I tend to cough on all of them. Not sure about animals.

Best of luck.

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