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Posted in Serevent on 29th April 2014

Asthma Attacks/ Advair?
I was diagnosed with asthma in December (I am only 17) and have been taking Flovent for controler and Albutenerol when i have asthma attacks. I have had one attack in January and a serious attack in March. But I have had a few mild attacks between. I have coughing, slight wheezing and a small chest pressure. I wanted to know if I have to take my relief meds when i have these mild symptoms, or if it would be fine to just try to breath deeply almost make myself think that I am not having any trouble with anything. Normally a just wait till I get home from school then sit with the shower steam running untill I feel somewhat better. (I am not big on taking drugs, I have never been sick until I was diagnosed with asthma) I also wanted to know about advair. My doctor wants me to take it but the symptoms seem so sevear, and honestly they make me nervous. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Answer by dentay
I have asthma personnally. First yes you do want to take your relief meds when having mild symptoms because they could get worse and you can get control of it faster, I know this may sound hypocritical but learn the defference between a mild and small symptoms because you don’t want to become dependent on your meds. Second I also use advair and it works great for me. It helps control it so the symptons don’t get so severe.

Answer by Jerry S
You need to talk to your Doctor about enrolling in an asthma education course and get yourself a Peak Flowmeter.

The Peak Flowmeter measures the flowrate of your forced exhalation. If you are having asthma symptoms your flowrates will be lower than normal. Your doctor and/or asthma educator can come up with a treatment plan based of the results of your peak flows. There are 3 levels on it Green – Good, Yellow – mild symptoms (probably use a rescue inhaler), and Red – severe (Go to a hospital). The Doctor can determine your levels. The more you learn about your disease procees the better you’ll be.

As for the Advair I recommend you take it. Advair is a combonation drug, one of wich you are already on. It contains Flovent (which is a corticosteroid to treat inflammation) and Serevent (which is a long acting bronchodilator to treat bronchial smooth muscle constriction). Serevent is a lot like Albuterol but it lasts longer.

Hope this answers your question. Good luck
Email me if you have any other questions.

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