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Posted in Rhinocort on 2nd April 2014

allergies please help..?
Does anybody kno wat kind of medicine i can take for my allergies they’re really bad.. i cant go to sleep cuz my nose is STUFFED like alot, then wen i wake up i cant enjoy my day cuz i keep on snezzin and my nose is runny and it feels awful… i’ve tried claritin, benadryl, gotten shots and none of em work, do ya’ll any medicine that will help me (and that i can find in places like walgreens or wal-mart) thnx..

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Answer by sandi
Claritin works good, or cingulair

Answer by ripper460
I see your having bad allergies hmm. Well to get the proper treatment I would recommend benadryl with sinus that way your nose will be clear and it will make you sleepy so you can go to bed. The other thing is you may need Rhinocort what it does it helps keep the nose clear during the day so you can breath. Then you may want to clean your room and purchase a hepa air filter that will filter the air of dust, debris, and dander and you should be fine!

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