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Posted in Celebrex on 8th March 2014

Should I quit my celebrex?
I hurt my rotator cuff? and my arm is taped up. Heat takes the pain away but when i go outside in the cold my arm tingles but doesnt inside. Does that mean I need to stay on the celebrex? I cant take asprin or any other antiinflamitories with it cuz it says so on the script, so I have to live with a headache if i get one. What to do?

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Answer by gillianprowe
If you want to come off the Celebrex first talk to the Doctor, do not decide yourself and then start popping other pills. Reason being you might end up popping double the amount of aspirin and end up with Internal bleeding, so see the Doctor. I am sure if you see the Doctor and explain just what you posted he will be extremely happy, a Patient that is taking control of their own health, unheard of. Best of Luck

Answer by crazyowl
If you do not think you need the celebrex you should be ok to stop taking it as it is an anti-inflammatory. I take it as and when I need to so even if you stop and find that you are in pain then you can take one again

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