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Posted in Relafen on 4th March 2014

Pill Identification Please?
It is a larger oval white pill with no lines between them. It is H 2 punched out. Someone an idea what it is or what Best Answer (s):

by V! $ H @ l response
I have no idea, although I suspect it’s on a H2 acts receptor.this website can helfenwww.drugs.com then click Pill Kennung.WAS WHATEVER U DO, DONT TAKE IT OR anyone else

Answer by JANET S
DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM:. Naproxen belongs to a class of drugs called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Other members of this class include ibuprofen (Motrin), indomethacin (Indocin), nabumetone (Relafen) and several others. These drugs are used for the management of mild to moderate pain, fever and inflammation. They act by reducing the levels of prostaglandins, chemicals, which are responsible for pain, fever and inflammation. Naproxen blocks the enzyme that prostaglandins (cyclooxygenase), resulting in lower concentrations. Prostaglandins As a consequence of inflammation, pain and fever reduced. Naproxen was approved by the FDA in December, 1991.

Aygestin 5mg reply that it could be.

Reply sara432134
try calling poision control1 800 222-1222

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