Peyronie’s Disease Treatment


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  1. SexuallyHealthyMan says:

    That is really a bummer, sorry about that. You can also use hot compresses
    or a hot water bottle to help soften the scar tissue.

  2. Zeeshan Rahman says:

    Hey john I have this problem…im 20 I got it from excessive masturbation.
    However I dont have painful erection but my penis bent upwards around 60-
    65 degree…intercourse is possible but I know it contines to bend so I
    dont want to be too late. Please tell me how do I start should I just use
    the traction device? along with Vitamin E or omega 3 fish oil ? What do u

  3. synthagenic stu says:

    hey the bend i have is very noticible right at the base of the penis (when
    erect). it doesn’t bend right or left (or bend say halfway down the penis)
    but when erect my penis points directly up vertical (when i’m in a standing
    up position). anybody with similiar circumstances opt for surgery (which
    appears to be a last resort). soz if not explained’s the 1st time
    i’ve been sort of public with this

  4. CloudZero300 says:

    thank you,you kind soul!

  5. rare1walking says:

    Vitamin E should be a natural E, and taken w/ Selenium. Studies show people
    who smoke and take extra E can develop lung cancer, so watch out! I did
    research for a neighbor last night, and found out a drug called
    Finasteride, that men take to prevent hair loss, (what a bad sales
    job..)can cause permanent damage like this Peyronie’s, shrunken penis,
    scrotum, inabilty to have sex drive, erections and ejaculate, etc. The
    drugs that people take should be the first clue w/ these type of issues.

  6. jeff97ish says:

    Hey friend. I have a severe lean and curve to mu penis. I have been taking
    Vitamin E, L-Carnatine and am about to start my second round of Verapamil
    injections. The first round didn’t work at all. I haven’t asked any women
    out in a long time due to the embarrasment. I feel like a fraction of the
    man I used to be. I have recently purchased a vaccum cylinder penis pumpo
    and have been excersising the penis due to hearing it would help. I am 31
    and don’t want surgery. Any sugestions would be welcome

  7. SexuallyHealthyMan says:

    The point is, you do want to get a hard on, and you want it to be straight.
    Peyronie’s is more than physical, it hits men hard with their level of
    confidence and their self image. I tried to make the video concise and to
    the point, sorry if you think I drone on for too long.

  8. SexuallyHealthyMan says:

    @stevosteeze420 Hi Steve, I did not stop sexual contact with my wife, until
    the curvature become so radical that it became impossible to perform. I had
    an almost 90 degree bend. I used a three step process of treatment. Click
    on the channel link above the video and on my page I have provided a link
    that will take you to my website. You can see all of the things I did to
    get better. Today I am 90%-95% improved. There is still some curvature, but
    not much. I’m thrilled with the results.

  9. SexuallyHealthyMan says:

    Any time a man develops Peyronie’s, he should review all medications that
    he has taken with his doctor. Here is a small list of major drugs that can
    be linked to Peyronie’s: Beta Blockers, Cerebyx, Dilantin, Interferon,
    Masantoin, Peganone, Phenytek, Phenytoin, Dilantin Kapseals, and Glaucoma
    eye drop beta blocker.

  10. Phil DeRosier says:

    More research needs to be done. Some men have employment positions that
    preclude the use of untested or unapproved medications — like aircraft

  11. SexuallyHealthyMan says:

    My doctor prescribed oral vitamin E and then over time, told me my next
    option was surgery, Nesbit procedure. I opted out and studied clinical
    tests, then used the most effective to treat myself. You can download my
    free book at the website listed above in the video description to find out

  12. SexuallyHealthyMan says:

    @GetOffMyLawn2012 I’m sure sorry to hear that she left you in the middle of
    your nightmare. I am very grateful for a supportive wife and I did have a
    lot of fear that she might leave – because it was just such a weird thing
    to go through. In addition to phases 2 & 3, you might want to try hot and
    cold compresses to help increase circulation. Best wishes for your recovery.

  13. MrAnthc888 says:

    Just knock off the bullsh** and get to the point hard on!

  14. SexuallyHealthyMan says:

    @paulnbe2 Hi Paul, Go to my you tube channel there is a link to my website.
    I can’t post a URL in the comments. I have a 3 step process that you can
    follow – I cured my Peyronie’s disease by doing this. Its not a quest for a
    cure – It’s all there in an easy to follow plan. You can link to any of the
    products and it will take you to the manufacturer’s website to purchase
    them. I provide discount codes and all of the supplements are available at Thanks for your comment – John

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