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Posted in Premarin on 6th March 2014

My doctor prescribed Premarin?
This hundred dollar cream better be laced with gold. What are some other uses for Premarin Vaginal Cream? How does it work? Would it make the skin soft on my face? I know that sounds like a dumb question but I didn’t really need it all that much anyway.

What are the negative side effects?

My doctor just wrote me this prescription and did not tell me how expensive it was. I don’t have insurance.

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Answer by EROS7776
DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: Conjugated estrogens are a mixture of estrogen-related chemicals including estrone, equilin, 17 alpha-dihydroequilin, and others. They are derived from the urine of pregnant horses, and the exact composition of the estrogenic mixture is uncertain. The vaginal cream is used for treating the uncomfortable vaginal symptoms that may occur after menopause. Both oral and vaginal estrogens reverse postmenopausal atrophy of the vaginal lining, thickening the lining and increasing its secretions. Most individuals taking estrogens orally do not need additional vaginal estrogens. Conjugated estrogens were first approved by the FDA in 1938.

I don’t think you should put it on your face since it is made from horse urine.

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