i hate asthma!!!!how do u deal with it?

i hate asthma!!!!how do u deal with it? im a swimmer at my school and i love to swim i also play basketball and ddr but when fall/winter comes i sta...

i hate asthma!!!!how do u deal with it?
im a swimmer at my school and i love to swim i also play basketball and ddr

but when fall/winter comes i start to get asthma, and i cant stand it i cant swim, i cant do really anything that involes activity,

i take my medicine every day all the things that the doctor gives me but still it always hppens

what do u do when u have asthma ? to feel better to get over it faster it could medicine , something u drink any thing

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Answer by Nix =D
I drink hot water with honey and lemon in the winter because i have the same problem. It really annoys me as i can barely go out sometimes which is irritating. Its a horrible feeling but the hot drink helps my throat somehow

hope i helped u =D

Answer by Me
I have the same problem. When mine started to get worst I looked into natural remedies (vitamins). Try to research what vitamins help asthma. (Stay away from natural herbs though, they shouldn’t be taken everyday).

Answer by Courtni C
In the army, without an inhaler you can close your eyes, put your hands on your ears and count to 3 over and over.

Answer by Devaughn M
Buy a chihuahua, I did and I haven’t had an asthma attack in 8 years. They are also faithful watch dogs on top of their asthma treating abilities.

Answer by Song1964
The best way to deal with asthma is to be educated about it. There is no reason why your asthma should stop you from any activity if it is managed correctly. I am kind of puzzled as to why the medications the doctor is prescribing for you are not working for you. Are you seeing a Pulmonolgist?

Ok…let’s start at the beginning.

Asthma is a disease of the airways in the lungs. It can make breathing very difficult in three different ways. First of all, the airways seem to tighten up. I have had many a patient say that “my lungs are tight”, or “my chest feels tight”. When listening to their breath sounds, one can hear wheezing or little air movement. Secondly, there is inflammation in the airways. This makes it very hard to exhale and again the sound that one hears is wheezing. The third way that asthma affects ones breathing is sensitive or over active airways.

Things that do not affect people without asthma, can throw an asthmatic into a full blown asthma attack.

Things that can cause an Asthma Attack include the following, but are in no way limited to these few things:

1. Stress or other strong emotions
2. Smoking or second hand smoke.
3. Irritants such as strong perfumes, strong cleaning agents such as bleach or air pollutions.
4. Infections such as the flu, colds, sinus infections and the like.
5. Allergens. Allergy season is in full bloom right now. Pollens, molds, pet dander, etc…

The most common treatments to control asthma are for both the tightness and the inflammation of the airways. First of all, bronchodialators are generally prescribed.

Before I go any further, let me say this. please get treatment from a Pulmonologist. Go to a lung specialist. Your medical doctor I am sure is wonderful, but with all the new medications out for asthma, all of the new treatments, well, the Pulmonologist studies them at length and knows which one is best for your asthma. The Pulmologist will do testing to determine exactly what will help your asthma symptoms and keep them under control and to a minimum. Asthma should always be taken seriously. The American Lung association says “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters”. Go to a doctor who’s speciality is your breathing. Take it seriously.

Bronchodilators that are commonly prescribed are the following: (this is in no way a complete list. This is a list of those that are most common.)

First of all, fast acting bronchodilators. These can be given via a nebulizer or an MDI (puffer).

Albuterol, Levealbuterol, Ipatroprium Bromide

Long Lasting Bronchodiators:

Spriva, Serevent

Anti inflammatory medications which are corticosteroids:

Flovent, Advair (also contains serevent), pulmicort etc.

It is very important to take this medication as your doctor orders. If you are beginning to need more of the fast acting bronchodilators, more of the rescue inhalers, you may need to call the doctor. If you feel that nothing is helping and your breathing is worse, do not hesitate to get yourself or your loved one to the hospital emergency room. Remember, when an illness, any illness, affects one’s breathing, it is so very important to take it seriously.

I hope that I have explained this so that it can be understood. I wish you good breathing.

Answer by Katty
There seems to be different triggers for different people. The fact that your asthma starts to get worse in the fall may be an indication that it is allergy related. My husband and I both have asthma but, we both take different medicines to treat it. I have gotten a lot of relief from taking Singulair. I also use Levelbuteral at times in a breathing machine. Different allergy medication is available to help. I also drink hot tea, coffee, cokes and it helps me. Avoid milk when you are having a lot of trouble. I will make you even more congested.

Answer by shannon m
Ask your doctor to put you on an inhaled steroid – like “Asmanex” or “Advair”. These you have to take EVERYDAY in order for the medication to work, They are not quick (fast) acting inhalers. So, you should also be on a fast acting bronchodilator such as “Albuterol” for when you need a “quick fix”.

Answer by mancunian1993
Going to bed early for a long sleep and a hot shower have always helped me. |However when I get out of the shower I need to make sure I am dry and warm straight away.

It sucks doesn’t it?

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