Eczema/ Dry Skin Regimen ! A SOLUTION!


6 Responses to “Eczema/ Dry Skin Regimen ! A SOLUTION!”

  1. Lolaa Elisee says:

    Lol yassssss ! But it is a bit expensive, I have used it on my face and
    body before and it works perfectly fine, they have a face wash though that
    I’ve heard is pretty good, I wanna try all of there products. Just try it
    though, what do you have to lose? Lol

  2. Lolaa Elisee says:

    Omg we have eczema in the same places, I hate it on my hands , but I use
    cetaphil soap you have to try it! I also use the same cream mine is just
    0.05% I’m gonna try all of these products! Thanks so much !

  3. Lolaa Elisee says:

    Lol yea you right , but just start with the soap tho and see how you like

  4. poeticlipss says:

    money ! lol. What do you recommend to try first ?

  5. poeticlipss says:

    I will have to check that out – thanks !

  6. Andrew Smith says:

    Thanks for this, very helpful advice ! 😀 x

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