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Posted in Metronidazole on 17th March 2014

Does Metronidazole require a prescription?
where can someone get it from if they don’t have a doctor?
I went to a clinic and after seeing me and doing tests all they said was to go to the emergency room for treatment which I can’t afford so I’m diagnosing myself and trying to find a way to get this medication. I have a green thick discharge coming out from inside, plus itching, redness and swelling and white soars and a yellow discharge from outside. I think I have chlamidia or bacterial vaginosis.

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Answer by digitaldoctor
Yes, it requires a prescription in North America. Some countries allow anyone to purchase antibiotics. Make sure you dont drink *ANY* alcohol with metronidazole as it causes a severe flushing reaction. I dont think you can get it without a prescription. There are many conditions treated with metronidazole including Bacterial Vaginosis.

Answer by Brenna
You need to see a doctor to get antibiotics. You can see a public clinic, which will be cheaper than seeing a doctor. I once had to take metronidazole for bacterial vaginosis. You have to see a doctor to get the med.

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