Antibiotics for Gram Negative Infections (Antibiotics – Lecture 5)


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  1. Eric's Medical Lectures says:

    vm610, thanks for the info. I don’t think cefoperazone is currently
    available in the US, but it is elsewhere, so at the very least, I probably
    shouldn’t have described ceftazidime as the only antipseudomonal 3rd gen
    ceph. Only issue with cefoperazone is that there is reportedly more
    resistence to it among members of the Enterobacteriaceae family (i.e.
    E.coli, Klebsiella, etc…) as compared to other 3rd gen cephalosporins,
    but this might be geographically variable.

  2. highresolution81 says:

    Dr. strong! I`m having problems viewing some of the videos in your lecture
    series, most notably the ones on antiobiotics for gram positive bacteria,
    gram negative and anaerobes? Any clues why? Your lectures are great and
    thoroughly enjoyable!

  3. vm610 says:

    I have again a comment. As i know, Ceftazime is not the only 3rd
    cephalosporin with anti-Pseudomonas activity. Although it is not mentioned
    neither in Sanford Guide, nor in Burke A Cuhna- Antibiotics Essentials for
    example, we also use Cefoperazone as an anti-pseudomonas antibiotic. It is
    mentioned to have such activity in JB Hall Principles of Critical Care,
    p611-612 for early onset VAP, in association with AG or CIP.

  4. Sampsa Kallinen says:

    It’s an odd problem. For me, the lecture slides suddenly switched to
    super-low resolution, even for the portions I had previously viewed with a
    much better resolution. Today, same iPad, same wifi, the picture’s great

  5. Eric's Medical Lectures says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the viewing problems. What exact does the problem
    look like? (i.e. is there a specific error message?) Also, on what type of
    device are you viewing them? I haven’t heard of any other problems with
    those lectures, and they seem to work on my computer and smartphone, but
    that doesn’t mean that every combination of device and operating system
    works as well. If anyone else is having viewing problems out there, please
    let me know.

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