Symbicort Silhouette Spot


5 Responses to “Symbicort Silhouette Spot”

  1. drruffin says:

    0.06 bis 00.07 clock clock. * Shakes his head * what. A stupid b **** Also the writer of this trade Because if they had, all previous of asthama they müsstennicht once about writing thought that

  2. WaxHeavenDOTcom says:

    This is a terrible commercial. It would have worked if all of the girls was unkel, but you can see her face. Why should I become a company whose spokeman trust can not even show me your face?

  3. EricNinden says:

    No offense, but this ad is really creepy and disturbing.

  4. pheonixace99 says:

    has to say it seriously, that it is a medicine that erhöhtvon the risk of asthma death? …… This is fucking pointless.

  5. dotmafia says:

    The background image looks good, but the contrast with the schwarzensilouettes the foreground people simply do not work. Distract Sievöllig distracted and the background can be used for one of the beautiful color and Kunstfür, and only ends tarnish everything and like I said already makes me always think that it was an inadvertent error in the derEntstehungsprozess that are not fixed in time for the trade could tere lease.

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