In Memory of Indiana (Effexor Infant Death Antidepressants Pregnancy MOTHERS Act)


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  1. femf8tal says:

    I am so angry with MDs who prescribe drugs, w / o knowledge of the Nebenwirkungenfötales growth and development. Not only MDs, pharmacists, pharm reps and doctors are also guilty. Christian woman was told that there is no known reactions. Translation = No one knows, not yet. Pharm samples w / o given know about poss. iatrogenic. What happened give no deadly drug? Ichschaden, Indiana and all the others who succumbed in this way, too. She was so beautiful! Exquisite and unworthy of it.

  2. mountainhi1 says:

    My daughter has just left Effexor xr and early in pregnancy. They say istmit terrible deprivation as Docs, take it easy. Thankfully sieum obliged the baby and will stay away from chemicals. I wish doctors goods for the results of the medications they prescribe responsible. Christian, I’m sorry for your loss unnecessarily – thank you for shedding light fürandere to hopefully avoid a similar tragedy.

  3. jordanbaab says:

    Heart broken for you. She was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen Baby Besides my own. I am outraged, you should not have had to go through this. I found this b / c of my own withdrawal symptoms of this drug. God w / out Indianna to live seinmit you how to learn in your life. She and God bless your family. RIP little one.

  4. 1stdonoharm says:

    Makes a person stop to think … how many others have suffered senseless tragedy since the making of this video? After FDAnur 1-10 percent depending to report them. Google The mother law … to find, read, and then you sign the petition! Get the contact information for the 21 Senatorenauf the HELP Committee and shout and protest this dangerous bill. I guarantee you will sleep better at night if you are up and some irresponsible!

  5. casidhe7000 says:

    Thank you for your brave words, your strength and your love. I cried when ichsah this but at the same time that I shared in awe of the love of your beautiful baby you warmit in her short life. I hope this terrible wrong done to help you, the thing happen one day. I do not know you, but I touched wartief that you and your family and your beautiful baby girl. I schickeIhnen my love

  6. Melissa Blank says:

    OMG, how awful. I was on Effexor for three months during my first pregnancy (but I did not know I was pregnant) and my doctor pulled me wegSOFORT. Luckily it turned out, my daughter ok. My second pregnancy (seitdie benefits for me outweigh the risks) I was on safer drugs (and not aufgroßen doses) and my son was just fine. I did not want to take anything either during pregnancy, but I had to. RIP little angel …. I’m leiddas happened.

  7. XeonProductions says:

    Wow, I knew that these anti-depressants, where absolute crap, but made the me cry. I was known to the new form of effexor as Pristiq. God only knows waslangfristige damage it has caused my brain.

  8. vincettahiss says:

    This is terrible. I am sorry. I do not know what to me as I believe that ichbin about 4 months pregnant and on 300 mg of Effexor. Missing a pill is sohart and it will be incredibly apparent from this so quickly. I wish I knew before I them all. Horrible side effects of the Believe it or not a lot of doctors do not know. My mother, a physician assistant had no idea it was so awful to get out of. All they have heard is wonderful things about them. I had to fight with her about the truth

  9. Parker Oneil says:

    I made this video far and wide passed and the anger and outrage spread istweit. Thank CCHR Florida for this video. May the angels pushing this agenda with full force.

  10. Rootsgal says:

    Why do you think they call it “practicing medicine?”. Because they still have no idea frigin. Doctors into the hands of Almighty DRUG game company, so that they can get these Christmas “kick-backs”. I hope they sue diedaylights out of them. What a tragic circumstance. I’ve tried this fight a problem without success. No lawyer is the feathers of the BIG RüscheKapitalistischen companies or the doctors who-harm U.S.! I’m sorry fürIhr loss … please know you are not alone …. so sad ~

  11. pranicmegan says:

    Everyone needs to watch the video! I have sent it to all on my list. Ichhoffe, millions of people see this and take the ACTION REQUIRED! Amy, you ichgratuliere to your efforts. I hope you have the strength to haltenauf it.

  12. amyphilo says:

    We all need to work together, and there’s no way I’m giving up.

  13. amyphilo says:

    Comment that does not go through, from “complexme”: i was on effexor, got as ichSchwangerschaft. did for my third child and the doctor what he called alata me has wegHexe me very ill, because he said the effects on a fetus was unknown to my son died in the womb at about 20 weeks, but what didn t make since istdass he can not cause the Lamictal since i found out conserned that einüberlappenden skull witch had, among other things my son

  14. PREGNANCY the Natural Way for Conscious Mothers says:

    a tragedy that so many trust what these so-called Doctors bestehen.Wenn only we can all be re-rendered the sacred knowledge of Mother Earth! PREGNANCYAGENCY

  15. amyphilo says:

    Wow, there is a Google ad Teen screen at the top. That will teach me to make videos with music. Teen screen kills.

  16. FactsNstuff says:

    Wow. Youtube should have this video. Mothers need to know that dieGesundheit of their children is in danger! E-mail to your friends after Siezuschauen. I am.

  17. mygalmo says:

    Christian, if you’re out there … I’m sorry for your loss and pray that Indiana is resting in Jesus’ arms. I’m furious to say the least, Anall this and just do not have enough space, nor words to express my total lack of respect for the FDA and our government, both of which can have pharma & Psych industry to continue w / kill the heads of our fellow Americans and unborn baby best. My former OBGYN equipment & Stand This Psych / drugs theories and it’s just a complete disgrace!

  18. gracewithsix says:

    Okay, I’m getting off this medication. My doctor said it was okay, stay aufsie when I was pregnant. Thanks for the warning.

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