Allegra King – WINNER – International Pole Battle 2011/12 – Canada


19 Responses to “Allegra King – WINNER – International Pole Battle 2011/12 – Canada”

  1. Amber Gianniny says:

    Amazing …. that takes talent. I want to learn.

  2. PoleHeatherNicole says:

    Flawless – SIZE – amazing performance, Simply beautiful Allegra! I have geradeluv the Aussie style of pole dancing, by far and away they got it going!

  3. Gummobear says:

    Damn it! She makes it look easy! How many years of training, I wonder ..

  4. Trena says:

    What a super ball of energy you are Allegra!

  5. 01suiteness says:

    shes great, so glad it closer to pole dance as the gymnastics Sticksum the pole as some. In addition, it does in heels, a true talented pole dancer! Great sig. moved three times v is impressive! Good luck mitalle, and thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  6. Blah blahblah says:

    Do you wish the Olympics were this exciting. In fact, there should be a seinOlympische sport.

  7. Keiloces says:

    Beautiful but holy whip lash!

  8. lara31087 says:


  9. ching chong says:

    my 2 vids please IM young male pole dancer

  10. Esperonza says:

    O_O There are no words ……….

  11. zowino says:

    Girl, you rock! I smiled the whole time while I kept this video: D

  12. thungergodstayfly says:


  13. kaitiebugg420 says:

    so amazing!

  14. carolina bastos says:


  15. Casey Atchison says:


  16. diana says:

    Just WOW!

  17. ltownman23 says:

    wow they are so cool, lol

  18. Rogemif Fuentes says:


  19. ching chong says:

    You are my idol … honest.

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