Scripts (2011)


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  1. Anthony Sachs says:

    Does anyone have the code “THE DATE We should have gone on” to catch? wardass or just me?

  2. Sam KONG says:

    Good job! Love your videos!

  3. Keone Oka says:

    there should be a continuation and a version of Taylor view!

  4. Contaejun says:

    the date when we should have gone forward to. I have accidentally solved the description in the main cities

  5. jh0720 says:

    after further review: 23: 27, michael left nipple klebennach outside, but: 28 to 29, it is pushed in! : O

  6. Hieu Tran says:

    @ Contaejun great job for them to notice!

  7. Chuche Chavez says:

    taylor is hot 🙂

  8. HulkingHero says:

    I love this video. It is so true that all of us, we do that. <3 <3 <3

  9. Hieu Tran says:

    @ HulkingHero:]

  10. Hieu Tran says:

    haha I’ll let know Hunter.

  11. Andrew says:

    So cute! The internal dialogue was hilarious! : D

  12. p3ekathu says:

    I do not have the whole video is not finished yet, but I started laughing when I sahMichael checking his face. Must have been fun editing! Nice work Hieu!

  13. Hieu Tran says:

    @ Lambert Woody one day!

  14. jh0720 says:

    0:23 to 00:30 MMMMMMMM MM YEAH MICHAEL

  15. Hieu Tran says:

    @ P3ekathu thanks do!

  16. Andrew Lac says:

    OMG! Can not see that! Too much anxiety! Plus, Michael-shirt looks Abitgroß, Eliseo shirt too small and I do not want Michael half-naked all the time sehendie! Overall nice short, I do not know about acting, but movies like this do make me cry.

  17. Hieu Tran says:

    haha this is one of my first short films. Shall be the whole film to break stereotypes and how things can go wrong.

  18. theterrymeister says:

    oh the things you can do to impress people: D

  19. lambert woody says:

    Continued please

  20. King Julien XIII says:

    I love you Michael Mann xD

  21. cupofjoe2k says:

    @ 2791991 I have to agree with hardly can hear the dialogue with the Volumenbei max

  22. Hieu Tran says:

    @ 2791991 headphones or external speakers will fix that. :]

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