If this coming winter to kill me?

If this coming winter to kill me? I am not a person good. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and chronic depression with psychotic Symptom...

If this coming winter to kill me?
I am not a person good. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and chronic depression with psychotic Symptomen.Ich lost my insurance in November 2011. I, to a community health center, began because I can no longer afford a regular doctor. These people are not MD. One that I see the most is a DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) and we get along is not good. For my blood pressure, back when I insurance, I took Accupril 40 mg twice per day. When I first started going to the health center, which they cut up to 30 mg, twice per day. After a year, she said, “Hey, your blood pressure is always high,” well duh, I was on 40 mg, twice a day for about 10 years, no problems. They cut my dose. The doctor said: “I’m on 30 mg in the clock to increase your dose in the AM, 20mg.” Wait a second … which is even less! The answer was “not to argue with me.” So I cut back to 20 mg, twice daily. I have as far as I can the medication stretching. I am of Lovastatin for my cholesterol. When I think about the insurance, I was good with simvastatin 10 mg per day controlled. Its about $ 60 for a 30-day supply. Many years ago I was on Pravistatin, but it was not working well. After losing insurance, they have on me because of it. $ 4 per month on the list Do not work well then do not work well later. It went from the list last summer, so she wrote me a 30-day supply of lovastatin, which I broke in half and stretched it out. I am from Paraxotine (depression). When I to insurance, I was on 40mg per day. These DO let me to 20 mg because they are under the impression that the 40s and even 30s were not on the $ 4 list (they are) “do not quarrel with me.” I was on Abilify when I insurance. They got me on a low dose of 10 mg thioridazine. This is an outdated drug that you find only rarely. I was there about a year, conical for about a week, then it’s gone, without replacement. If you go to a health center, they have the business of $ 4 for 30 days $ 10 for 90 days lists. This doctor will only write for 30 days, no mines. She insists me to come and spend $ 40 to see them for 30 seconds. I would always be the first 8:30 appointment I could make, but they would not see me, often until 11:30 or noon. I lost one of my crap jobs waiting there. I said I’d be late, they told me to not bother back, ever. I’ve never missed a day, they just idiots and treated workers like garbage waren.Also I am of everything but my blood pressure medications. I’m on 1/4 dose and will in about 2 weeks. I have a job, the minimum wage of 6.00 bis 14.00 clock is now. I no longer have a car. I take the bus by 11 clock in the night before and spend 6 hours freezing on a bench outside each night. I could get some sleep from September to October no longer get to, but not. No one is there to get in. If I’m getting ready, I do not come home to 06.00 clock, because the schedule sucks. I sleep a few hours in bed, I try to sleep on the bench, but at 20 degrees at night these days, I could die if I do not move. I am very müde.Ich do not qualify for Medicaid or SSDI (although I try), $ 253.74 per week is “too much” when your spouse makes $ 600. Too bad, our mortgage is $ 1100 and while this house we owned 14 years, it is likely that we will lose it. We have over $ 100,000 in 2010. Things turned to us Mist.Heute evening I get to sleep at home because someone give me tomorrow, a ride. This takes about 1 day per week. Trying to find and keep a good job, if you are mentally ill, is not easy. Once you go downhill, it’s hard to make things even worse stoppen.Ich can not afford to go to the doctor does not. I can not even Obamacare. My life is in ruins. I need medication I have to do without for too long. My guess is I’m going to freeze to death on the bench in the next few weeks, but honestly, I think that could be a blessing, and I was ready to die, even if I only 49.Das not true. I do not have to qualify for a grant. I really thought Obamacare would save me, get me the treatment that I had when I had a good job. I could function again. Yes, the economy was bad, Obama was in free fall. Now I get $ 95 for not poor enough for Obamacare fine verurteilt.Ich wish I was a troll. My life was cr @ p under Bush. Then Obama came and brought in my life even higher cr @ p, just when I thought it could not get any worse, my life went into a tailspin. ! Buck Ofama Best Answer (s):


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I’m sorry to hear that and I wish good for you, but here are our specialty is the policy, even most of us at least. Try the Men’s / Women’s Health section.

Answer by cosmo
For people who “can not afford health insurance,” Obama Care offers a subsidy.

IDK answer. How well tolerated trolls cold temperatures? It is probably pretty cold under bridges ..

Answer by Riley
You need to go completely cold turkey and completely give up sugar, artificial sweeteners and fructose in the diet, which is the (bleep), which is to kill. Thus, within fourteen days, you will no longer have high blood pressure or health problems that you that you would mention feel 100 times better and do not need medication and you will lose weight without even trying, and sleep like a baby at night. Buy a fresh bulb of garlic cost around 50 cents. Drag a clove of garlic, unplug the skin cut it in four to five swallowable parts and swallow it down like a tablet with a glass of water, do so when you wake up before you a coffee of your high cholesterol will fall within a week have. Here to help this drink about 8 glasses of water per day to flush the kidneys and keep fully hydrated. By taking all the medicines you take a pro-biotic? If you do not, you should really that you mentioned drugs stripping is us to digest all the body’s natural resistance to fight disease, food, and make you feel lousy. You can get it in 6-8 packs to buy a day in the dairy section in any supermarket. They sell them in Aldi around $ 2 or get the Pro-biotic yogurt with it. You can get pro biotic tablets as well, if you do not like to eat Joghurt.Es is sugar, artificial sweeteners and fructose in the diet, the screw is your heath is, you should Google ‘Sugar-free’ diets videos go to Youtube sugar watch for free and read testimonials from people who have gone sugar free, too, like all the diseases you mentioned you are physically and mentally suffer no longer have or medications. With Losing weight make you feel better and have much more energy and feel more positive about hope life and the dragon töten.Ich, my answer has given you a positive plan b to keep herself physically and mentally better without financial cost or stress you have right now, and can help you and your wife do not lose at home or need to take medication.

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