If I estrogen, my body hair grow less quickly?

If I estrogen, my body hair grow less quickly? I am a man Best Answer (s):. Ian Borsick answer yep it sure well it lowers testosterone directl...

If I estrogen, my body hair grow less quickly?
I am a man Best Answer (s):.

Ian Borsick answer
yep it sure well it lowers testosterone directly, but if you are trying to reduce body hair I, you should also know about using a DHT blocker DHT I think might think its more then even testosterone responsible for body hair, something like finasteride or dutasteride would also help dutasteride is 26 times stronger than finasteride also blocks DHT type 2, which is responsible for 70% of the effects were finasteride only blocks DHT Type 1 … well spironolactone block testosterone this drug even body hair to reduce more than DHT blockers or estrogen also there is cyproterone acetate, this is more dangerous and works better but more expensive most people use unless spironolactone you have a problem with low blood pressure or high potassium then cyproterone have been better for you. Also progesterone makes body hair thinner and blocks DHT and causes estrogen rise slightly, but progesterone blocks some of the effects of estrogen so if you are going to progesterone you need to add estrogen increase by 1/3. but I would have to say out of all these spironolactone, would be the best choice if you cant a script you can get order it for about $ 100 for 300, 100 mg pills 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at night the good you reduce your body hair is a lot you can take up to 400 mg, but you should at about 50 mg per day and take one or two months, up to 200 mg working up to your doctor about all of this to see if he can help you .. . I personally do not get prescribed all because they prescribe usual haha ​​but they are all right are not a controlled substance, so you may order it … but I take spiro and estrogen and progesterone dutsteride my body hair grows very slowly and also over 90% it has a light blonde you can see, even if it so they do not dispense visible is on … but long story short, yes good that it make it great estrogen slowly to a certain degree not only look good, a little finer, but honestly you care to see an effect most likely if you take at least 4 mg per day if you are going to do this, make sure to take an aspirin once daily 81 mg to prevent stroke, drink more water and exercise. talk to your dr about spironolactone may increase potassium levels, so you also need to test if you can get prescribed it and you just order it anyway you atleast your dr and get the required test for drugs …. hope this helps, if you do feel like a natural way to go, this dose work it just takes longer to start imo does not work so strongly, but much safer … http://myevanesce.com/ now you can go here and try the natural things to you .. . on this sight they listed a lot about the smak drugs, as I they are bad and how they do not work to speak the working part, a joke overall it is they are working to do just that, what to believe, and they do it 10 times better as the herbs and faster … but yes, they are not as healthy were not nearly as bad as the website say good, but … unfortunately I did not show, I have to order all my stuff not Im sure this is a safe place that for a good place to look might be a transsexual some chat rooms or online groups and private message people were to get it …. what you want, or Estrofem Estrace imo is I would not be all that are touching the two biologically identical, and you should be able to use them for $ 110 for 10 boxes of pills 30 pills per pack with 2 mg a pill be getting when someone wants then leave more and does not look the type of progesterone you want is Micronized progesterone a cheap brand is micro confess for DHT blocker Fincar, Dutagen is both cheap superior Dutagen, but I must say, Spiro is a way to reduce body hair … ok have fun BTW not provide medical advice was that what so ever, but luckily for you I stumbled a cross this and have so that you get a 240 IQ, a damn good answer … If you know more, if you’re looking to give your hair question then is transgender or transsexual at the end lol write simply want to trust me only when someone on earth knows how to get rid of hair, she their

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