How much children’s motrin to give my baby …?

How many children motrin to give my baby? ... What in the world is the average dose of children's motrin (ibuprofen) for a toddler? Normally I give ...

How many children motrin to give my baby? …
What in the world is the average dose of children’s motrin (ibuprofen) for a toddler? Normally I give my baby 0.4 ml of Tylenol, but we will now try motrin. Is it the same dose Best Answer (s):

by Andrea
No, unless the doctor tells you.

Answer by * + * Sanity is Overrated * + * is
Answer Read bottle which, or call a number on the bottle. Maybe try going to the websites homepage ..

to find Reply mamab
No less than 6 months, otherwise a search on line for motrin dosage charts to do there, and you will find one that weight used as a guide. EDIT: Oh, and you asked for a baby, then said, ‘children’ motrin. But I would not give children motrin toddlers. And remember not six months ago.

Answer by Penny
that baby is so cute! I would wait until the dr ask. B’C i dont have children. Happiness.

Reply ladybold04 I would strongly recommend their pediatrician contact. Very serious question, and no one else should answer, but the doctor.

Answer by Crystal J
yes it is usually the same dose.BUT you need to change it. Tylenol can a baby ever fourth hour during the day to give, but then you Tylenol Motrin Motrin four hours later than the next time as motrin switch then have Tylenol or whatever the next one. Motrin is very hard on a baby belly, even if his children. same with adults, you should do the same

Cole Mommy answer -. TTC # 2 Do not
your child until first talking to the doctor!

Reply starlightstrm
children motrin no infants should only take babies drugs.

Answer by Melyssa
You can not give motrin under 6 months old. No it is not. ml 1.25 ml to give a child 6 months to 11 months (to 17 kg) and 1.9 ml to 18-24 lbs or under 2 years old. 100mg/5ml you a 1 tsp of age for 2-3 years. This I got from my dr. so they should be correct. If hes under 6 months not him no. He should not have ibuprofen. Do not know why exactly

Reply mystic_eye_cda
If you calculate me the strength on the bottle say (in mg / ml listed somewhere), and your baby’s weight I can the dosage for Sie.IM, if you want me to help, I know, but his reason, it etwas.http confused :/ / dosage Click here for dosing chart. Though not give the package could be a dosage for under two years, it can be safely used to be approved at two months old (previously only up to 6 months, but in 2001 it was as safe and effective to be two months of age ). Some packets will use, an age range, to determine the dose, but it is more effective, dose weight. The dose is 4.5 milligram per kilogram of body weight (for metric user that is 10 mg per kg). For example: a 22-pound child would get about 100 mg (22 X 4.5 = 99). This goes to one teaspoon of children’s liquid. Some books recommend, wear half this dose for “low grade” fever under 102.5, but I’ve found only faster, need more medication.

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  1. Isaac's mommy and TTC#2 says:

    NONE! You just never give children under two infant motrin or Tylenol children. And if your child is under 6 months, you must ask your doctor. If her age / weight is not on the dosage chart, then you need to see a doctor before you consult something!

  2. Deborah P says:

    As to the weight of the infant? This is for use with children Tropfen9-10 pounds is 1/2 pipette (0.625 ml) oder11-16 pounds is a Dropper (1.25 ml) 17-21 lbs is 1 1/2 pipette ( 1.25 + 0.625 ml), this is for children Stärke11-16 pounds, it is 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) 17-21 pounds are there 3/4 teaspoon (3/75 ml) 22-26 lbs is 1 teaspoon (5 ml) is the dosage chart to my Pedi for motrin verwendenund I’ll also the one for Tylenolhttp :/ / / html / 8/t089101.aspSie can safely switch between the two every 3 hours as needed!

  3. Frosta Darlin says:

    The bottle I have is going 40mg/1ml12-17 kg (4-11 months) 1.25 ML18-23 pounds (12-23 months) should 1.875mlEs with a syringe with the exact doses up to her kommen.Und always weight , do not try to use the age factor.

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