Continue to increase the cost of health with Otherwise Hip Implants

(PRWEB) 29 December 2011 Medical and legal experts estimate that metal-on-metal hip implants may cost taxpayers, insurers, employers and others billi...

(PRWEB) 29 December 2011

Medical and legal experts estimate that metal-on-metal hip implants may cost taxpayers, insurers, employers and others billions of dollars, failed to contribute to the rising cost of healthcare according to a recent New York Times article. The dramatically high rate of all-metal hip implant revisions is now the most widespread medical implant failure in decades. This is not new for me, because information for some time now, I have a large number of complaints from potential customers who are devastated, got, because their metal-on-metal implant only lasted a few years, if they are to will last about 15 years, reports attorney David Ennis & Ennis, PA

The primary cause of hip failure is metal debris. The wear of metal parts against each other impurities generated, which is harmful to tissue and to paralyze patients in some cases.

all-metal implants accounted for nearly one-third of the estimated 250,000 hip replacements performed each year in the United States in August 2011 after a New York Times article. According to an estimate, around 500,000 patients who received an all-metal replacement hip.

manufacturer of metal-on-metal hips are DePuy Orthopaedics, Stryker, rooms, Biomet and Wright Medical Technology. So it is expected that the financial consequences of a rule to be large and complex because the issues involve a class of products, not a single device or just one company.

In September 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received more than 5,000 adverse reactions reported in the first six months of 2011 in respect of all metal hips that had received more than the agency in the four years ahead together . Then a study in England found that all-metal hips were failing almost three times the rate of hips made of metal and plastic components that can take 15 years or more made.

The United States does not have a formal tracking system for the outcome of orthopedic procedures. However, on a National Joint Registry for England and Wales, the increasing metal-to-metal failure rate is based a report, it is expected that tens of thousands of patients in the U.S. need to undergo a revision surgery, said Dr. Art Sedrakyan, researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University.

Even if I involved with the Sulzer Orthopedics settlement about 10 years ago, the number of affected patients was not nearly as high as it is now with all metal-on-metal hip claims, commented Ennis. This is just a travesty for thousands of patients.

& Ennis, PA recommends that anyone with a metal-on-metal hip implant system, the pain in the groin, hip or leg swelling at or near the hip joint, or a limp / change in walking ability , first consult a doctor. Then file an adverse event report with the FDA to Finally, consult with an experienced attorney.

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