Trailers – The Little Girl (Canon 550/T2i action film / Trailer)


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  1. RedGlowEntertainment says:

    @ Kpx18 it is not the same. although I admit, it is clear that the man taken elapsed, and nothing inspired this idea.

  2. diesangir says:

    the guy in the tan coat with the semi-automatic pistol at his face to Fußauf the street, nice add though. O_O he kill not afraid undverhaftet in public. He has the good guy pissing police with his seinFlüchtigkeit and evasion skills.

  3. RedGlowEntertainment says:

    It was just a short trailer for our shooting, angle, lighting, etc, I admit the story is made to the man from nowhere a base … I think every body knows this. I’m not trying to rip off a feature film-making by the idea. A simple test. It’s easy to judge my work, in comparison to each million pound film.

  4. diesangir says:

    the man from nowhere to be amazing for some one, just tear off this much, and yall undermined from the nature and sensitivity of the story, its not as good as taken and nowhere combined. You should really inspiriertvon these films and change the items with more of your own style. warumwäre to be a child carries a Korean wardrobe?

  5. RedGlowEntertainment says:

    @ NickGuitarify thank you! have a lot more stuff coming soon! you should check it out!

  6. TormyJai says:

    nicee onee keep it up guys, looking forward to ur other projects!

  7. diego lucc says:

    today 29.8.11

  8. RedGlowEntertainment says:

    @ ArrowEraproductions thank you so much, I’m really glad you liked it!

  9. JGFXproductions says:

    Brilliant! 🙂 I want the rest!

  10. ZombieGameAreMe says:

    04:25 Holy shit, punch looked real! good work guys, and if you wohnendie near tri-state area I would love to help free

  11. RedGlowEntertainment says:

    @ Diegovargaslucioni yes, it was set out mainly to a trailer for a feature film seinaufstrebende! but I’m making it to give up to the views of me that answer 🙂 so the release date of 08/29/11

  12. shiffa temel says:

    BIGBIGBIGBIGBIGBIG TRAILER! Mega proud / impressed! I think I need to auszubreitendies like an STD!

  13. diego lucc says:

    @ RedGlowEntertainment ok. I want to see the movie XD

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