tetracycline would make a big difference?

tetracycline would make a big difference? I am currently minocycline 2 per day, and I've takin for a little over a year and I've noticed a bit of a ...

tetracycline would make a big difference?
I am currently minocycline 2 per day, and I’ve takin for a little over a year and I’ve noticed a bit of a difference, but I still often breakout and I have a lot of small bumps on the face, aren ‘t acne they are just little bumps, but I wonder, would be worth it to be in conversation with my dermatologist about tetracycline? Would tetracycline clarify my skin better than minocycline Best Answer (s):

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tetracyclines can permanently stain your teeth. I knew a girl who took tetracycline for acne and her teeth looked gray. Why not with your dermatologist enter Accutane? But first you should really try Proactiv. It works really well.

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my husband both had taken to delete on the back and minocycline acne worked much better for him. He takes tetracycline now, and it is not very good. never noticed gray teeth not him, but he is not continuously take it nicht.Ich cystic acne and I use prescription creams. I use DUAC cream and Tazorac very economical for spot treatments. I do not have acne. But if you feel that you, before you moisurizer creams

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I saw your other question said you have sensitive skin, but you don ‘t allow email. I have sensitive skin and proactive felt like battery acid! A little tip if the dermatologist not say … do not use products with fragrance on your face! I can not stress this enough! Fragrance for perfume, not your face! If pro-active has a line which is fragrance-free, you could give it a go, but otherwise keep your money. Also, they would not go back if I sent it back. Said it was too long, and I sent it back after 2 days! You can see if your Dr. would a topical erythromycin gel to prescribe (such as a spot treatment). It happens on the list of $ 4 scripts at Wal-Mart to be. Best of luck!

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tetracycline works reallly good youu to try luck

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tetracyclines should never be taken by women of childbearing age. It causes birth defects. If you do not consider children, then it’s okay to try it. I would agree with the other person that you said that using Accutane. What I was putting on everything over a period of a few years in my early twenties, including tetracycline. It did not work. The only thing that did work was accutane (although I never tried Proactiv). Accutane is a serious drug and you must consent not to sign the agreement to become pregnant while on them .. You will also need to get a pregnancy test (blood) on a monthly basis, before a doctor renew the presciption. Accutane make the symptoms worse for the first three weeks, so it is difficult to use, if you work around a lot of people. It can be embarrassing, especially if you are a teenager at school .. Try to hide for the first few weeks if you take it. After that it works is magic, and it is the last acne medications that you have ever … How to take on the appearance of small bumps, believe me, they are acne, as it comes in many forms be it starts. Good Luck.

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