Pls help .. Perimenopause makes me lose?

Pls help .. Perimenopause makes me lose? With sadness I must tell you all (ha) that finally, since my period started on my birthday at the age of 12...

Pls help .. Perimenopause makes me lose?
With sadness I must tell you all (ha) that finally, since my period started on my birthday at the age of 12, right after my birthday blowing out candles not less, in the essence of peri menopause bitch slapped, add the I may have had to I myself and my new primary care dr never considered or even bothered, I realize, was diagnosed on position. I’m losing my mind, not only for this reason, but because at the exact same time, unfortunately, I acquired a pinched nerve in this year in early March. I was friendly, pulled from my apartment Apartment by the powerful firefighters who looked almost like angels in that moment because I could not get up from the ground .. the dreaded sciatica! It took about a month to heal, and I’ve never had needles in my left foot and legs, and I’m all new, but as all this was going on, I noticed that I was getting really anxious. Now it is clear that this is his one who was always lively, so that other laugh all the time, and want the life inexorably with enthusiasm and passion to live upset .. I mean, really, to get the marrow of what constitutes life. However, I’ve dealt with these issues back in the late 90s, and it only got worse, and then .. almost 50 BOOM .. this bs of Perimenopause.Ich went to a gynecologist, he put me on PREMPRO that scares me, the pharmacist, it causes blood clots, but not to worry, and the original gyno said there were no side effects to the drug. I do not know WHAT TO DO .. my mother can not remember ever MENOPAUSE .. but I remember, as always, in a bad mood all the time! My sister is 3 years younger, so that they no longer worry about her and shes in her own world with her husband and two children .. theres no one to talk, everyone whos been through menopause can not seem to remember what it was like not perhaps be able to remember the pain of birth .. and I feel helpless, alone, and I have to bemitleiden.Ich even a friend who has had to endure my sciatica .. he looked at me scared and helpless, that was so annoying. I needed a rock, and I look over, scared me, of course, to see him, looking scared. Im getting a phobia of the night, because the night is the sun gone and I have to go to sleep, to go to a job that is a BOREFEST .. this is a place that is not my way .. and I just feel so bad for me.I know that if someone else had this, I’d help them. Id bend backwards, but theres no one for me. I tried these forums one, wrote on a mod to ask if my e-mail would be exposed, never got an answer courtesy, can you imagine? I know what the best forum to join, Id love that people know is not .. also women who go through this are going through it will go through them, have gone through it and come coercion, love and laughter know each other, live, learn,. Where are you??, I need help, I need connection. Now, in all the time for every wrong ever done to everyone’s always whining in linking my sadness with me, every slight, every time my friend was bad for me .. it makes me feel worse. at a time like this, I have to PEACE .. and sleep makes me nervous .. so im using Ambien, only biting off the end, not the whole pill, and am using Valium to beruhigen.Ich me just need help, and the link .. and I am a source of humor myself, so I know I can help others. I can laugh, I’ll cry, I can feel the gamut of emotions, and I am a healing source itself, but damn .. I need answers, I need hope, and I need to know I’ll survive the Best Answer (s):.

At only 24, so I have no idea what you are going through, but I know you will get through this and everything will be fine.


Irish response
hell with peri-menopause … that sounds like full blown menopause. And almost everything I’ve been through. Pills do not really help me. I went on the pill for a while for 1) birth control and 2) to smooth my period and it regularly. My cycle went bonkers for a Weile.Ischias is not funny. I did that because of the degenerative discs in my back. The best thing you can do for them is gentle exercise to strengthen your back mucles. If you get it because of back problems (menstrual disorders, to regulate in the back muscles – like back labor) movement .. CAREFUL … will really help, as well as the usual Aspirin / paracetamol / painkillers favorite, whiskey and a Heizkissen.Sie need to find your own way with this. No one thing or one person “remedy” will do it. Try some holistic methods .. Movement, increase the caffeine to get out of pure sugar, increase the sodas, .. see how improving the diet helps. Try yoga. Try lavender baths. Try what sounds good to you, because if it sounds good it is to feel comfortable and help you destress .. migraines were a mess for me during menopause. And the hot flashes. Never a solution of Hitzewallungen.Die emotionality .. well, helped computer games here, believe it or not. It was good to beat on something and watch it fall over .. without that someone is actually hurt. Even when things went wrong .. I could rant on my pc and no one k├╝mmerte.Cry .. a lot. Just cry, and not worry about it. Enjoy a good cry. Chocolate I felt better, in any form. But I had friends that the caffeine in chocolate they made it worse. What is your comfort food?, You need to find your happy place. Is it alone? Is it with friends? With a cat and a cup of tea? then kiss your friend on the head and say, “I need me time.” and you go hide in your happy Platz.Sex and Sciatica … you might have to find a new position. Some of it .. You just can not in. long enough Do not be afraid to “other” ways to try together not satisfied. Sexual intercourse is not your only option is it? And lubricants are necessary cause .. They are up and down with the drought. Some days, no matter how much you want sex .. They are dry as a bone, and he can not close ya get ‘. Replens and Astroglide are good. There is a suppositor and the name escapes me. Not cheap. But you can put in hours in management or even use it daily to weekly .. just in case. It’s like an inner Feuchtigkeitscreme.Bleiben you discuss in touch with your gynecologist and symptoms and problems with him / her. Sometimes you need info .. no pill. Be assertive. Be sure that your concerns are when you visit I gerichtet.Habe you thoroughly disgraced? Hope not. It’s a tough time. But it must be better. I started at 37 and was not over until 55ish. But I did get over it.

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