Please help Possible Eczema?

Possible eczema please help? A few months ago I started to get a small patch of dry skin on my elbows. I thought nothing of it, and thought it was n...

Possible eczema please help?
A few months ago I started to get a small patch of dry skin on my elbows. I thought nothing of it, and thought it was no big deal. It was now a one inch to an inch of patch rough chapped skin, and I finally some lotion on it (Gold Bond Triple Action). I’ve also started a patch of dry skinabout 3 inches to my arm from the elbow, on my forearm, but like the others, it is very small. I do not do doctors and hospitals, and I know this is probably stupid, but I just do not think it’s a big deal. Who knows what that might be, and how can I treat it? Also it was a little more fragile when the cream that I put on last night. I do not know if this is important, but thought I’d share. Thanks for any help that you have können.Sorry, forgot to mention. It is also quite painful to lean Best Answer (s):.

emu oil

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If you really need to do an eczema problem, I can answer help you:-Eczema is also called atopic dermatitis bekannt.-often begins on the cheek when you (but can begin, if you are also an adult) 2 to 6 months-The. most common on flexor surfaces (folding) of the elbow, wrist and knee occasionally scratched on the neck, ankles and feet-If, rash is raw and weepy-employed dry Haut.Ursache: Eczema is an inherited type of sensitive, dry skin. A personal history of asthma or hay fever, or a family history of eczema makes it more likely that your child eczema. Flareups occur when there is contact with irritating substances (such as soap or chlorine). Expected This is a chronic disease and is usually not gone before puberty. The objective is to control, not cure. The early treatment of itching can help a serious Hautausschlag.HOME treatment1. Steroid creams – Main itching treatment. Storage type or rescue Typ.2. Hydrating the skin from the lubricating cream is the main way prevent flareups. Take a bath / day for 10 minutes. Water-soaked skin is much less itchy. Eczema is very sensitive to soaps, esp. Bubble bath. If you are a teenager, you use a non-drying soap like Dove for armpits, genital areas and feet. Keep shampoo from the Ekzem.3. Lubricating Cream – application once daily (twice daily in winter) every day. Ex Keri, Lubriderm, Nivea, and Nutraderm. Avoid applying any ointments, Vaseline or vegetable fat b / c they can block sweat glands, increase the itching, rash and worsen (especially in warm weather). It is also necessary in order to wash off soap. For severe eczema, ointments may tmeporarily be necessary to keep the skin to heilen.4. Itching – At the first sign of itching, apply steroid cream to. Keep your fingernails short. Also wash your hands w / water often the eczema not infizieren.5.Antihistamine Medicine – bedtime for itching that keeps you from getting to sleep or cause you to wake up in the night nötig.PRÄVENTIONWollfasern and scratchy clothes from other , rough materials make eczema worse. Cotton clothing should be worn as much as possible. Avoid triggers that cause eczema flareups as: too much heat / cold, sweating, dry air (use humidifier), chlorine, caustic chemicals, and soaps. Do not use bubble bath. During the grass pollen season from Grass Holding (May & June). Way to think of someone w / cold sores, because the herpes virus can cause a serious skin infection verursachen.RUFEN YOUR DOCTOR IF: It looks infected and you have a fever …………. …………………………. Within 24 hours IF: It is raw and open in several places, looks infected (red streaks, pus, scabs yellow) or not significantly improved in 7 days after the treatment, or you have other concerns or questions.

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I’m not a doc, but it sounds like eczema or psoriasis, and the location is a typischer.Ich’m from personal experience you sprechen.Holen some 0 , 5% hydrocortisone cream from the pharmacy and use it regularly. It really helps, but you have to continue to use until the outbreak goes away. I had a very bad case, which wrapped around my torso. It was treated with an infrared light. What they did was burn the skin, like a sunburn. It went away and never came back so bad. I still have an occasional pea-sized spots, but the cortisone cream really works to control it. The doctor may give you a prescription for stronger creams, if necessary, to give. One that I remember is, Westcort.Viel luck.

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there is a vitamin complex and cream combo that should solve this problem effectively. E-mail me for details, have your settings allow me to reply back.

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Use any kind of Vaseline lotion. Use it every day, I have / really bad eczema and this is the only OTC cream / lotion that works for me. Prescribed creams really work, but in the end fade my skin and burn the crap out of my skin. Hope it gets better for you, but moisturize moisturize moisturize definielty.

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If your eczema is mild and you do not want hydrocorisone cream to use, then you can do things like oil application (eg, emu or neem oil – both contain properties that soothe inflammation of the skin and help to heal the skin) on the affected part, wash the affected area with an Epsom salt bath and skin healing from a diet angle (drink plenty of water, avoid sensitive and gel food )., if your eczema gets worse, then see a doctor. It is better to get the right formula for your skin condition.

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Hello, This is how eczema is a red, very itchy rash, most commonly on wrinkles elbows, wrists and knees. The rash is raw and weepy on scratching. The itching is a vicious circle, with scratching causes more irritation more itching and scratching führt.Die treatment of eczema, such as under topical steroid creams are the main treatment for the itching associated with eczema. Use the steroid cream as prescribed by your doctor. After the rash calmed down, use it at least once a day for another 2 weeks. It can be used when the itching or rash entwickelt.Gute hydration of the skin followed by a lubricating cream is the main way to prevent flare-ups of eczema. Water-soaked skin is much less itchy. The eczematous skin is very sensitive to soaps, therefore avoid soaps as much as possible, especially during flare-ups. Alternatively, use a mild, moisturizing Seife.Die skin is usually dry eczema. After a good bath, the skin feels good due to hydration. The moisture in the skin by applying a layer of lubricating cream to the entire skin while it is damp maintained. Apply it daily after the steroid cream was applied to the itchy areas. Avoid applying any ointments or petroleum jelly because they block the sweat glands, increase the itching, and worsen the rash, especially in warm weather. It is also necessary to make them wash soap that aggravate the problem you kann.Halten to perpetuate short as the nails to cut scratching with fingernails the vicious circle of itching. Frequent hand washing is to vermeiden.Genießen no superinfection of eczema the LebenDr.Mojo

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