grilled chicken (dajaj mashwi) دجاج مشوي


6 Responses to “grilled chicken (dajaj mashwi) دجاج مشوي”

  1. QueefJuiceOverflow says:

    That’s perfect.

  2. Burt flynn says:

    You are definitely a very good cook, thanks for sharing

  3. Mariam Yousuff says:

    I liked your recipe. The grill pan is used you to get the cooking must be fixed or submit separately buy?

  4. sassyleochick says:

    I’m doing this tomorrow, will let you know how it turns out.

  5. mariamkitchen says:

    @ Jacko49 Hello thank you for your nice comment

  6. mariamkitchen says:

    Hi mariam my frying pan you for watching my video, I bought

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