Canon XH-A1 shooting with Premiere Pro CS3 automatic color


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  1. max1morgan2 says:

    Thanks for the tip, it is very much appreciated. I’ll try to take curves. Wiefür the white balance before I put a very white stack Papieredie camera white balance and met only a few minutes before recording. Thank you again!

  2. stangtuner says:

    Auto Color is a very good feature, but with “curves”, you can achieve even more beautiful color. It seems like the white balance can be a little in the Kamerasich. Try pointing it at somethignthat it very white as a piece of paper and press the white balance button.

  3. onixz100 says:

    What kind of microphone do you have? It is so crisp. I am now out to buy a position, I would like to know :). Thank you.

  4. Patrick Canler says:

    Does this camera the “Auto Power Off” function have? Thank you, Patrick

  5. Promoloco Simpson says:

    with automatic color Premiere CS3 video quality is seem TV program?, and 10 minutes of recording as it takes to process, I’m sorry, my Englischmit to write a translator, thank you.

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