Birth control pill Yaz


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  1. melz7777 says:

    Wow, that’s really scary about your scar tissue so that if you ever needed acAbschnitt that could be really complicated. I was on Junel the same wieLoestrin is I loved it took a while, but for me, after so I do not understand that bc I’m going to use in the future. My friend has a ton of cysts of ihriud.

  2. Wife & Momma of 2 says:

    @ Rebornloveexpert3356 Oh no! I’m sorry to hear it cause you pain in the chest! Wowdass stinks. Thank you for letting me know! xo

  3. melz7777 says:

    How u I think I’m done with kids after this one is born, but I can not say for sure, I’m 32

  4. Mariah Emmett says:

    I’ve gone through SOOO many diff. Pill … After my Erfahrungalle of them .. It seems to me that every woman is different and ihrHormonspiegel different needs and are as a birth control that funktioniertwunderbar for a woman and is the worst thing possible for another! IchYaz have before and for me it’s I ever tried not to do well on it .. My mood swings were crazy and I felt like I was crazy! LOL I was on the NuvaRing for a year before this baby and I love it! I

  5. Wife & Momma of 2 says:

    @ Mariahemmett When I about 18-21 I went through a lot of bc pills, aberdas was sooo long ago. I hope I do not have these side effects: (i warAngst before Nuva ring for some reason lol Thanks Mariah xo

  6. Grace Jordan says:

    @ Mrsmommy81 they are 1.5 and 2.5 right now, its hard for it both throwing tantrums and the little one still needs two naps a day where the 2yralt just need a nap … so they do not nap together, but other than that, do you get along great! they are kinda like twins tho its the sweetest Sacheje!

  7. Wife & Momma of 2 says:

    @ Melz7777 Oh yes, I know: (And it’s also scary b / c my two children got stuck coming out (shoulder dystocia) so imagine an emergency caesarean section … Eeeek!

  8. Wife & Momma of 2 says:

    @ Melz7777 How far are you again? Yes, it would be easy for us not to have logistischam best. We can not imagine, 3 children & I bisCollege my own business and when my son starts school in a few JahrenIch can open my own studio and really begin to’m on such Dinge.Ich just do not want to really start all over again. But at the same time to think its sad, I’m finished childbearing lol

  9. melz7777 says:

    @ Mrsmommy81 I’m almost 17 weeks. Yes, it makes me sad to think, this is könnteder last to. While I agree, if I have another di I need a big break between these two (my son will be 24 months if this is born a).

  10. Wife & Momma of 2 says:

    @ AlaskanMommy907 This is so cool! And while I’m sure it’s challenging right now, they will have a best friend for life and that’s awesome! I started ttcwenn Alana was only 6 months old b / c I wanted to close in age and then they ended up as almost 4 years apart … but I have learned to love their age difference 🙂 xo

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