Adam Lanza was on Prozac?


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  1. paul8kangas says:

    The time line of shooting: The teachers at the school attacked Adam Lanza, Thursday, the day before the murders. Adult children should not treat them badly, especially autistic children. Adam was born with autism, because without sufficient vanadium which had proved successful in 1971, treatment of autism. Our medical system could his mother what Adams autism, and it is not to give Adam vanadium.

  2. tweetyli1 says:

    All children do not fit into the school system. My son has ADHD started before beschriftetder current trend. He has always been “different” was. He could each AssTest, 99th Percentile of the nation on performance tests not yet abgeschlossenalle his homework .. had a hard time sitting, talking out of turn, even einsüßes child, do not be disrespectful to me teacher. I have never heal him, had erein sensitive GI and even though he fights at 38 at work, relationships, he is extremely creative / child needs structure ..

  3. suslater91 says:

    it is alllllllllllll about the money! The more pills = more cheaper viable services from Medicaid. I work in the mental health and most children between nehmen4-10 tablets or more per day. When children medicing to take, they need to see a psychiatrist and get therapy. A great transaction! Criminals never need to be able to defend themselves by the law to go but law-abiding citizens! All school administrators and teachers need guns to school to protect themselves undKinder. We have seen the alternative, not good!

  4. Bob Dole says:

    France leads the world in anti-depressants, and they have a geringereMordrate than us.

  5. Mah Be says:

    both fathers of these co-called shooters have any connection LIBORSkandal 2 of 2 —

  6. Mah Be says:

    Some recent press release, it was found that Adam had with some teachers 1 of witch it the next day he killed day.Theangeblich each child with several shots shot a disagreement beidie school? We really need to ask ourselves what happened the other 22 men who were arrested at the school. 2 many unanswered questions & the media they are the same as they fall to the Batman hatFilmaufnahmen. Something else is a foot here!

  7. Mah Be says:

    Oh, my friend, I found a young one that has a researcher, a You-Tube, istKanal and a web-site where it is too detailed, so let me try 2 find a web name & I will send it 2 u Hope u have a great holy day season — I’m going back 2 u when I asked what u’ve 4 — promise 🙂 Many blessings, Michelle littleowl

  8. Mah Be says:

    Please give me a few days to go 2 through my info. & I’ll be back 2 u – Peace2 U 🙂 littleowl

  9. wildoxidizer says:

    try again

  10. Bob Dole says:

    Drugs are not the problem, are weapons. Without the drugs he might not getötet20 children without the weapon he would defiantly not have to. Stop the BS.

  11. JGvisions says:

    Yes, I’ve heard that before, but u is not an article, a clip, a piece sailed henaus a magazine, or a court order of the dispute goes to the liborscandel that for erwähnt.Darf I either of the companies that operate the fathers ask where you have to get this information from the fathers of seinin contain scandel?

  12. sara Wynd says:

    were searched for information on these types of disagreement that someone mentioned happened Thursday between Adam and the school .. suspected siezerdrückt it shamed him in any way …. so sorry to hear that … SieWeitere have information on this or a way to get the information on the attachment! would really appreciate it … just someone observing this, like so many … thank you!

  13. JGvisions says:

    Oh I saw the updated reports from news agencies on the coraners diesagte, the children had multiple gunshot wounds so I get an accurate But eswurden no further reports on the media given (not that I saw, or were alerted) that nothing about other shooters . she said something about his brother, the hardliner was arrested, but she did not say he was there to present, ect. do you have any links to reports about possible several shooters?

  14. Mah Be says:

    Search the connection between Batman Dark Knight Rises & Sandy Hook & you have two check out the guys publishing these vids. Its soooo lächerlichwie thew cabal shit is to put the face in the middle! (

  15. paul8kangas says:

    There was no “second shooter”. Anyone who spread the story repeated false flag by the Eli Lily drug companies.

  16. jfkcomspiracyfact says:

    Stop the excuses. Prozac did not cause Lanza to murder …. Will his free choice was influenced by an ungodly spiritual vacuum in this nation, to blame. No one is for this except Adam Lanza and his eveil heart to blame.

  17. Mah Be says:

    Why should a 20 year old boy are arguing, a teacher at an elementary school?

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