Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery: 9 days post-op


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  1. Ronnie Salih says:

    Great feed back, this is very helpful I have the same day after surgery morning 🙂

  2. Mary Siringer says:

    Anna – can not thank you enough for your video diary. After surgery in 2months and watch your videos helped me prepare and get in the right frame of mind. I hope you know how can people who have helped you! Great job!

  3. Ginny De Mario says:

    Thanks for the video and the information! I am scheduled for surgery in RC 4 days and am so not happy. I * am * going to have prints and my doctor said that they are only a few days away would-Hmm. I think a week would be more timely. WasDuschen. You have the sling for 24 / 7th Hmm2. Also neck pain. Never thought about it, but I’m a couch. I wish this was not necessary. Happy healing to you!

  4. Nicole Lee says:

    Thanks for getting back to me! I hope you keep the videos on IhremGenesung! 🙂

  5. Anna Hennings says:

    For me it was not painful, because I if they put after the general anesthesia in the blockade.

  6. Anna Hennings says:

    I did not have much pain while in bed, no. Only occasionally, when I fell directly on my bad shoulder. But every body and injuries and Situationist different!

  7. Diane Money says:

    Thank you, Anna. I am 9 days post op and your videos are my lifeline.

  8. Brad Lovoi says:

    I had to bring the blockade a few days ago presented below. It was not too bad.

  9. Anna Hennings says:

    It totally did. Especially since I was in me for 6ish weeks straight! Every time I saw my PT, I had some manual therapy (massage, basically) that it would help her a little. Ask your doctor or PTüber all options to prevent it, but in my experience there is not much besides Zusie wait it out. It is definitely better if you have not, you portage your sling so often! We promise! 🙂

  10. darkstaroblivion says:

    Thanks for the videos. iam a father at home with an HIV-2 years. So yes I know what to look for and have been helping me to see wieum me and my lil angel safe but one armed for a bit

  11. Anna Hennings says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery! Your question sounds like einwirklich good for your surgeon if you are not him / her already asked. InMeiner opinion, 3 weeks sounds soon, especially the extent of what you are teaching and gegebenmit fixed since kindergarten is not really a simple one-handed job! (I can not sign a credit card receipt …) Plus, do not want to risk tearing things back or heal without it. If you go back that soon, line-up, how many classroom assistants as you can!

  12. Rachel Porter says:

    They do both at the same time? I had just done my second surgery on meinemrechten shoulder and I have it on my left. You could not pay me to do both at the same time. I hope you have lots of help at home. Ikann not at all, not to eat or bathe with my right arm or something. Positive thoughts your way. Keep yourself updated!

  13. coonehound says:

    Your video is wonderful. I’m going on day 5 tomorrow and your personal video is a god send. Now I know I have to divide better. Even if I work in PT rehabilitation and see it every day it’s different when manwird the patient. Now I have to practice what I preach. I’m still anxious and hope that I did everything right. Thanks for the humble and mutigbei deciding these to put on youtube.

  14. Diane Money says:

    I am 9 days post op and still can not imagine trying in a bra or erhaltenArt of support. You need great t-shirts, you can easily IhreArm and immobilizer in.

  15. Kijahni says:

    Oh … my goodness, NO. : O) I do not think there are surgeons who would do that because you would have almost total nursing / care. My adult son lives mitmich, and he shall be my chauffeur / chef / personal assistant …. I drive nachZeitplan for the first, and then when I am ready, it agreed with the surgeons who tunzweite about three months later. PT can then overlap, and I kanntut it with both arms at once. So with a little luck, maybe I’ll semi-normal by the beginning of next year.

  16. Anna Hennings says:

    Hi Tanisha! I was able to run starts about 2 months after surgery (not naturally Beidas level at which I was climbing before surgery!) Undkehrte to indoor rock climbing center, 3.5 months after surgery. I am currently 8 Monatevon surgery and still have not returned to play volleyball but I am hopeful, ease back into it over the next few months. In physical therapy, my exercises mainly on agility, shoulder blade stabilization and concentrates various arm and shoulder strengthening.

  17. Anna Hennings says:

    Yikes! Both shoulders! Is it possible to do the operations separately? Ikann not imagine me what it would be like it, have both shoulders from the Commission Anzur same time.

  18. miairish says:

    Thanks for the very informative videos. I can do a surgery, and I have heard that the blockade in front of the surgery very painful war.Einige people actually said that they not remind others said it was not bad. I think it depends on how much they give you anesthesia before it tunes. Can you tell me how painful it was for you? Thanks so much.Miairish @

  19. NeuroSurgery Nurse says:

    Hi Anna! mainly thanks so much for your videos are so helpful. Iich just found out, a full thickness tear and will have surg exp. My question is, was your pain worse, while you were in bed? My tear is acute, ichfiel from a raft on a float trip. Definition I found out warunerträglich! This was the same for you?

  20. brandyfly789 says:

    Anna, I’ve come up surgery. I have enjoyed your videos, made verygood. I wonder what preparations should I use for a bra MAKE. Ikann not imagine wearing one of the first few weeks. If you have any advice? brandyme789 @ aoldotcom

  21. Kijahni says:

    Thank you so much for these videos. I have full tears on both shoulders … and I’m really quite about the fact that both anxious done. I can arbeitenvon home that will help and have a desk job. But’m leaving besorgtwieviel take.

  22. Anna Hennings says:

    Good luck with your rehab! You can do it! Celebrate the small Siegeauf the way! Send good thoughts.

  23. Nicole Lee says:

    I have been following your surgery day. It sounds like you tungroß. I have operated on 10 August on my rotator cuff, biceps, undLabrum. I am a kindergarten teacher and the surgeon said recovery 6 seinWochen. School starts the day after Labor Day, and that to me is three weeks before school starts. I am planning on going back immediately to three weeks of recovery. Do you think this is realistic? You have been very informative and gave me tons of ideas. Is the st

  24. Anna Hennings says:

    For this exact reason, I chose not to go to 6.5 weeks after surgery, at which point my surgeon gave me the green light to start with my Armwieder and I began active motion exercises in physical Therapie.Selbst now, 7 weeks after the surgery, I still largely fahrennur with my left arm, because my right arm is so stiff!

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