How to Prepare for a penicillin G (Bicillin) injection


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  1. Gary Cheng says:

    Thanks for sharing

  2. TruthAboutLD says:

    Another tip. To keep the shot under the armpit, old military trick heat. The warmer the body temperature shot to the less painful. After shot, heat again for 15 minutes when the pain calmed down.

  3. Stephen Mestel says:

    Thanks for the great tips. My wife has Lyme disease and I have been giving her injections for 7 weeks, 1 time per week to unsererLyme specialist here in Connecticut. I was literally taking it out derKühlschrank and injecting it w / our warmed it up or removing air. You are very brave and generous to share your experiences with others. Lyme disease istschrecklich and medical communities way of dealing with it is still schlimmer.Ich wish u good luck in ridding yourself of Lyme

  4. sonyafly says:

    @ Smestel Thank you! I felt the best, while I was on Bicillin. I did IVRocephin for 18 months later and I’m still sick. Wish I could feel attributable, as I did in the days of Bicillin. Not sure my butt könntehandhaben it ever again though 😉

  5. collingwoodrules says:

    Injections hurt so much

  6. 2500marshall says:

    You have absolutely no bubble, if you set it up properly. They have fantastic breasts, by the way.

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