Where to move if you have asthma terrible?

Where to move if you have terrible asthma? * This will be really long! * Hi, I'm 15 and I moved to California's Central Coast when I was 6th I was di...

Where to move if you have terrible asthma?
* This will be really long! * Hi, I’m 15 and I moved to California’s Central Coast when I was 6th I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 7 and it is getting worse and worse. Since November I’ve been in the ER about 12 times. Nebulizer inhalers which are sometimes hardly arbeiten.Anscheinend I have several times a day (like my doctors directed) used actually has a bit of damage to my lungs, and it can no longer erweitern.Wo usually I live is really bad for people with asthma .. I went on a trip to Ireland and the UK, and I did amazing in London.Hat anyone have any idea why? You’d think I’d be even worse there, but I’m not! There is really expensive to live there and even though my mother probably can not afford, so I wonder whether it is in the U.S. you can recommend somewhere? Thank you sorry that was so long Best Answer (s):

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Anywhere but California … you can do cleanest air or the air quality in U.S. cities, a search on Yahoo! and they give you a Liste.Kalifornien terrible …

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Hey maybe insurance will pay for you to move. A friend of mine had joint pain every time it rained, and it is for them to move from New York to Texas paid. Besides, I have no idea.

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Unfortunately …. you can not say a great place to live with asthma, because there are many different causes of asthma. First you need to find out what it is, your asthma triggers and then you can live for a place that is compatible to search. Have you had allergy testing for your asthma? That would be a good place to start in determining the cause of your attacks .. Good Luck

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First, it would be good to find out what your triggers are: cold, humidity, allergens etc. For me, my biggest trigger cold as life in Michigan was not a good idea, ergo I moved to Florida.Außerdem you need to find a real specialist. I was on medication since I was a kid, and I was never told to use my rescue inhaler (Proventil) more than twice a day (2 trains). What worked for me was using Advair (one puff per day), singular ( 10 mg) and Proventil (as required). Today, after I moved to FL, I’m practically med-free, only with my inhaler when I exercise or when to pollen in the Luft.Anyhoo, back to your question: will find out what your triggers are, and the help you figure out where you should live. But I have consistently heard from experts that Phoenix is ​​good because of the hot, dry Klima.Hoffe that helps!

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