West Coast Swing


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  1. Nome De Plume says:

    Thank you for your visit and comment … You are always welcome in my channel … I like your work and … This video … Thanx Bunches …

  2. Paul Towlson says:

    Just to let you know that this is still its magic. Every time when we feel overwhelmed as much to learn, we see this video and are inspired to keep going. Thank you guys.

  3. Lindsay Mayer says:

    This is amazing! I love it!

  4. seikenflyer says:

    Suave e charmoso. Gostei.

  5. Courtney Johnson says:

    That was great! I wanted to cry when it ended, because it is so short lol

  6. mrarkansas2003 says:

    Very, very good dancing. Can not wait to learn this style.

  7. Pete James says:

    I am yet another, WCS began (at 54), purely because of this very video. It’s really never gets old, and you have the full version available? Myles and make accessible WCS while a lot of competition matters hardly resembles this casual urban dance done (clumsy) at my level. Myles shows things do not have to be complicated. They are a great team with a few workshops have beobachtet.Ich WCS dancing once a week for 3 months and I think I need to loosen up a bit and musicality now.

  8. Tessa Cunningham says:

    HI Rachel, Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you were inspired! I have not published any video samples of the ladies styling videos. I can tell you, when I produced this DVD specifically for the purpose of learning ladies home alone, then try the skills, the next time they go ballroom dancing. So yes it would be perfect for your needs. Hope that helps! Tessa

  9. Kenya Brown says:

    you should come to Santa Rosa California, west coast swing teach me 🙂

  10. Lori Martinez says:


  11. Tessa Cunningham says:

    Nous sommes Etonne que vous trouver WCS n’avez encore dans votre région en France! Il ya beaucoup the studio pour les classes qui les offrent débutants. Dites-moi ou vous habitez et puis je vous dire pouvais kontaktieren.Oui a qui nous en France pour enseigner voyageons souvent des Ateliers de WCS. Notre prochaine Serais a visit Montpellier à la fin de juillet. L’event management s’appelle “Sea Sun Swing”. Devez vous le chercher en ligne parce que ce ne pas le laisse YouTube me Plakat.Merci, Tessa

  12. Jérôme Mallet says:

    Tessa, I am French and love to dance with my wife and some friends. I was surprised, something fell heavily in fusion when dancing, and thought it was not normal, was this feeling like a Schande.Da I saw you on this video, I think it goes back to normal and I can go to entdecken.Haben so much deeper into this Gefühl.Vielen Thanks for this you come in France? Jerome

  13. Becky Mesky says:

    Great music and soothing dance.so together.

  14. juan villa says:


  15. bambiluvdancer says:

    Wow. It … Drive? Incredibly O.o

  16. TheYogina says:

    OMG! WOW! They are some good dancers!

  17. Kenny Budd says:

    Thank you Tessa, the site looks great. Unfortunately, there is no local me the West Coast Swing teaches and I did not learn the basics of video as well, still nice, although to watch.

  18. StanJ66 says:

    OMG … this is improvisation? Wow! You and Myles have always impressed me, but now even more so.

  19. bfvaffel says:

    Congratulations. 1 million viewers!

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