In what order should I go the rides at Cedar Point in?

what order I should go on rides at Cedar Point? kso the current to Cedar Point and heres a list of the trips I want to go, I like the most fun rides...

what order I should go on rides at Cedar Point?
kso the current to Cedar Point and heres a list of the trips I want to go, I like the most fun rides I would only go to 4-5 rides so what order should I go to the rides because it is ill-8 from 09:00 clock : 30ish for just one day so yeahhlistt; Maxair Power Tower-5-5-5 Skyhawk Blue Streak whiches wheel 4-4-5 Twin corkscrew iron dragon-4-5 Magnum XL 200-5 Mantis Maverick-5-5 Millennium force-5 Mean Streak-5-5 Raptor Top Thrill Dragster Wicked Twister 5 5SO yeahhh thanks in advance Best Answer (s):

answer of nothing
the wicked twister is my favorite, sowicked Twister, Maverick Mean Streak, Mantis, Raptor, Gemini, Power Tower skyhawk, witches wheel Maxair, millennium force, Dragster, Iron Dragon, magnum xl-200, Corkscrew

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I would try to ride the bigger rides first, because those are the ones that are always long lines. SoDragster (usually wait a 1 1/2 hours if it’s the first thing you ride is) Millenium Force (1.5-2 hours waiting time) Maverick (1.5-2 hours waiting time) Raptor ( There are 45 to 1.5 hours) Wicked Twister (45 min) Mantis (45 min) (Not that fun are the restrictions seriously uncomfortable) Iron Dragon (45 to 1.5 hours) Magnum (45 min) (Not that fun either, it’s only a 200-foot hill and hill …) twins (15-45 min) (Two cars running as soon as possible, unless one of them breaks) Corkscrew (15 min) Mean Streak (min) (15-30 -30 Honestly, I would not bother with it cast There is really shaky and bumpy and not smooth at all you get around and it’s not so funny) Blue Streak (fifteenth. – 30 min) (Like Mean Streak, just a smaller version, but still bumpy.) Skyhawk (15-45 min) (ahhhh maazing. Seriously, I love this ride, and it makes it more fun because it’s not on the lap bars shoulder) Maxair (15-45 min) (Ehhhh not funny, I have not experienced that weightless feeling on it and plus you feel the pressure pushing down when you are swinging back down and it hurts for me. The Skyhawks is waaaay better if you crush the feeling in your stomach and do not want to feel like you are.) Power Tower (5-20 min wait) two queues, one to 240 feet and will be dropped shot (blue shoots you drops red you back in line after the other) witches Wheel (No really wait the only time you’ll really have to wait if they already started the ride.’s not that many people these rides like the Matterhorn , Troika, etc fahrenSo try to hit the larger, more popular rides as soon as possible. I would not worry too much about the wood, except the Gemini because it is much smoother than the other two. Besides, you will not have to wait long for the rides, the Achterbahnen.Cedar Point is not fun.

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