Horse owners / loveers, you know what Premarin – and to find out to help you make a change?

horse owner / loveers, you know what Premarin is - and after you find out, you will help to make a change Each year, doctors prescribe hormone repla...

horse owner / loveers, you know what Premarin is – and after you find out, you will help to make a change
Each year, doctors prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT)-also known as hormone replacement therapy to hundreds of thousands of women with Wechseljahrsbeschwerden.Es are about 100 ranches in remote areas of North Dakota and Canada, the home of thousands of pregnant mares to produce the urine for Premarin Prempro. (1.2) for most of their 11-month pregnancies, these horses are to stalls so small that they can not turn around or restricted more than one step in any direction. The animals need to wear rubber urine-collection bag at all times, which leads to chafing and lesions and their drinking water is such that their urine more concentrated estrogen yield subject to availability.The fate of thousands of foals born on PMU farms each year is equally disturbing. Some are used to replace their exhausted mothers. Some are offered for adoption, while others end up on Schlachthöfen.Premarin by Best Answer (s):

Reply Unique_Breed
yes i know its terrible, I was put on hormone replacement and told them I wanted nothing to do with premarin I think I was Provera

Reply RoVale
The sad thing is that hormone replacement therapy has been shown that not much help anyway, and it increases the risk of certain cancers. Women should just learn to live with the symptoms of menopause. It is very rare that they are extreme. Most of the time it’s just hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms. My mother told me that she was aware the only symptom that their time had stopped. I am now in my late 40s and am probably in the early stages of it, but I’m not considering hormone replacement therapy. The only thing that killed my interest, as I would still have periods when I hear it told. I want my time to stop permanently.

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I can not agree with him, but a lot of the “facts” you are not up to date wahr.Die horses are not kept indoors for the Most of their pregnancies. I can not remember the exact amount of time they are on the inside, but I know it coincides with the rather harsh winter months, the reason myself. They spend the spring and summer pasture to foals and re-Rasse.Die stands are incredibly small, but they are in a position to lay down the law and needs to get some exercise. The collection is supported by a strap on them and very little of it actually touches the Stute.Sie can check this website: And this pdf file: more about the standards and practices on PMU farms used to lernen.Mit all means against them, but if you’re going to they are to gather at least arm yourself with factual information.

reply by George K
Yes, I take this story with a big grain of salt or two … for one thing, who’s had any experience with horses prefer to take the time to reduce urine to a more concentrated form than have to spend the money for vet bills to their treatment horse for colic, not enough happens liquids in horses. The description of the items sounds suspiciously like the “veal barns’ that animals rights groups so vociferously condemn … though most places do not use such facilities. And I do not see how a rubber urine collection bag not collect a large amount of feces, since both almost the same place and in the same direction discharged sind.Wer collected data on the living conditions of the horses Is? someone you know personally? Or is that another one of those “half-brother’s cousin’s best friend ex-girfriend of hairdressing nephews’ kind of stories? If you have not heard it from someone who personally saw who it, be skeptical at first hand. I know more than a former animal rights activists, who got out of the movement, when they found out that the atrocious conditions they protested were more often the exception than the rule … and sometimes were a lie.

answer by Tommy Onions
I’m about as skeptical of a horse rancher association as I thought about some of the more radical animal rights activists bin.Die truth probably lies somewhere in between – although I also skeptical enough to think about the profit motive that the truth a bit closer to the ARA as the horse breeder is bin.Oder even by the standards of simple good animal husbandry – Even some very valuable sports horses in a way that I think is unnatural Crue and many animals are kept and maintained in a manner that is completely unjustified in a humane reasons. My dear old farming father would turn in his grave if he the kind of thing that routinely to pigs and dairy cows and cattle. Be

reply by Jeff Sadler was ready to see
My question is: “When will people stop to put the whole nonesnse the internet as gospel?” There is a lot of misinformation and get pledging it off as the truth. Unfortunately, no go! Get all your facts straight not just a few and then I might consider talking about it. Many of these women need hormone replacement and not all can take Provera. Even those who can Premarin is a better, heathier Wahl.Als for life with menopause … Maybe, but I know a family whose women go just a little (actually quite a bit) crazy during menopause. Literally crazy. Sorry, no other description for it that I will be placed in a mental hospital. After menopause, they were fine, and must go home, and sweet as can be normal.

reply from PRS
This needs to be addressed in the medical community. Doctors insist on “treating” the symptoms of menopause. Why? Menopause is as natural as puberty. I, for one, never a drug in this way is made. I would even be willing to adopt a PMU foal, but I do not live close enough to be able to get one.

eat answer by troll mule
Stop believing everything on Youtube as Evangelium.Danke Jeff and rabbits could not add more if I versuchte.Ich work with pre-peri- and postmenopausal women, is not it? hormones Until you study, you really have no room to talk.

answer by Allie D
but what can we do to stop it other than to refuse drugs when we needed it?

Reply AmandaL
I recently saw the news blip that the requirements for PMU Premarin sink and many plants are shut down because it explains. This is a good thing – less mares used for this, and produces fewer babies


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  1. Danielle B says:

    Indeed, not a few, because they are assumed to registered horses with them. I know bought 15 or so PMU foal, and I know of only 10 different barns WI. The foals are a bit hungry, but are nice usually, when they fill out. The industry is actually decreased and many businesses are shut down because there are a synthetic version. Most of the farms is likely in the next 10 years or so, because this man be gone. Supposedly it is not quite as good, but it is much cheaper.

  2. all4equines says:

    Problem here is that most women (and perhaps even doctors) do not know what is with Premarin or is it because they know the problem horse & people / industry are. Not tell doctors, these women nothing about the product, do not ask the women, and most problems are not stopping it when they know if it does not work for them. Since synthetic hormone pills are which are the ones that should push the physicians it anyway. We need to get the word out to all the older women about how this product is disgusted and then maybe some of them enought for synthetic versions of ASK to be made to get it … as for rabbits comment w / links to the horses treatment this is for Canada here in the United States may not apply the same standards. I just saw the pictures of the horses in small stalls, turned out in the cold and snow with their foals, know people that have adopted the mares and / or foals and most of them have never been treated or in some cases even haltered and are therefore very wary of people, many of them are very wary of men (hum wonder why? Maybe because the good men? untreated horses on the farms) are a lot of these companies now closed or close because they are not required or able, $ &, these horses are ending up in the slaughter auctions-now that the slaughterhouses are closed in the U.S., they bring into Canada and Mexico do. the companies have no need for the foals, mares they are continuous, which is not healthy for them and contribute to the overpopulation of horses!

  3. can76chaser says:

    This is an old topic and I do not see why a woman would not use the homeopathic (sp?), They offer the ……? They have the same effects! It makes me sick to of what people do to think the poor baby! Makes me very sad!

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