Dam pleurisy


4 Responses to “Dam pleurisy”

  1. loucam1485 says:

    I did this every minute s will be so painful scream, but I’m in too much pain x

  2. chocolatemad1029 says:

    I have pleurisy at the moment – it sucks, and no one knows what it is lol people think I’m doing up a disease.

  3. emeraldsunsets says:

    I have it, I have to work with the crap! Thought I had pinched nerve or something going to the chiropractor made it worse! Took a few days off, it really sucks, and trying to sleep is hard when you are aching. Doc gave me a steriod shot and pills called sulindac … this is like extra strength ibuprofen, it really does not help much, they only thing that gives me some relief heating pad and rub Tiger Balm all around my chest, back and front. I smell sooo good, like old people, lol

  4. Jim Rich says:

    How about an update on how long ago you were better and what medicine you use.

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