Clinical Quiz: sore throat


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  1. ellen lankford says:

    if thrush, the cheeks would be white.

  2. ellen lankford says:

    I would do a rapid strep test. if negative to culture. their derivative of penicillin or other antibiotics good for gram-positive, your choice .. you often get strep in the whitish discoloration of the tongue.

  3. Joe Villarreal says:

    Sore throat not sure of thrush.

  4. Jon Teske says:

    My thrush was cured with probiotics.

  5. whitewolf2226 says:

    Antibiotic for strep, penicillin or amox. or keflex and the throttle for an antifungal treatment.

  6. whitewolf2226 says:

    Looks like a dual diagnosis, and samples needed to test for thrush, yeasty due to appearance of the tongue, and strep throat and tonsillitis for the back.

  7. David f says:

    Looks like strep throat and tonsillitis or

  8. thenew45 says:

    Strep or thrush. Strep test first. If positive, Send cultural confirm and send home with zithromax, discharge instructions … if no allergies. If thrush nystatin or clotrimazole.

  9. YoukonJill says:

    The symptoms are characteristic of strep, the beginnings of scarlet, what looks like the “strawberry tongue” is a dead giveaway. Although from the white coating on the tongue looks like candidiasis, the symptoms indicate strep, there would be no fever or body aches with pain, candidiasis of the tongue-only sein.Eine rapid Gram stain or strep test confirms this Dx. Penicillin, amoxicillin, cephalexin, or among the most common treatments for strep, along with moisture.

  10. TemTamBam says:

    okay. I think it’s thrush because it was not on the tongue otherwise. But it could be something more like, be that with Strep.

  11. Baahmed Azzedine says:

    I do nothing, maybe it’s a Epstein-Barr virus!

  12. glasszone33 says:

    I would treat it as strep pharyngitis with swabs for culture and might also ask you to follow-up within 3 days, to check the response to treatment and see culture results, cuz there is a layer of gray exudate diphtheria be a possibility

  13. ytrewq6789 says:

    I would say do to the white color of the tongue with the symptoms described in this patient has severe thrush. Thrush is a fungal infection also known as Candida albicans yeast infection in the mouth can easily be treated with oral known fungicide is commonly know as nystatin and under the brand names of mycostatin, Nilstat, Nystex. Since it is a type of yeast infection that should be treated, as they spread to other parts of the body or other people as quickly as possible.

  14. Classychevyrn says:

    Thrush nystatin swish and swallow 🙂

  15. Mohamed Adel says:

    acute follicular tonsillitis caused by streptococcus, but I noticed in the uvula deviation to the right. ttt of choice is to test long-acting penicillin to sensitivity.

  16. Bruuski says:

    Strep … Been there done that.

  17. Mischa Cole says:

    It could possibly be mono!

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