Blue inhaler?

blue inhaler? For now the doctor's assume I have asthma, performed to further testing. So I have given an orange and a blue emergency inhaler inhale...

blue inhaler?
For now the doctor’s assume I have asthma, performed to further testing. So I have given an orange and a blue emergency inhaler inhaler. The problem is I can not use the blue rescue inhaler, because it makes things worse. I told the doctor about it, but they will not listen to me. So it is something I can do in an emergency to help with my breathing without the blue inhaler? Orange My Flovent inhaler is blue and my inhaler is Salbutamollol forgot to add that I do not have a spacer. Best Answer ( s):

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you should rescue inhaler salbutamol or salbutamol sein.Right? Sometimes a few cups of coffee can give you a Asthmaanfall.Und, as mentioned below, do not be afraid to call 911 or go to the emergency room at the hospital, if you are him brauchen.Ventolin and Proventil both ALBUTEROL -. (Sambuterol) A spacer can be helpful, so you can inhale slowly – maybe you need just down to your timing. Certain things make my asthma worse and you take a deep breath when my asthma is bad. I wonder if that is your problem? Have you finally come out of it when the inhaler makes things worse?

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all right, is the blue Ventolin inhaler. The orange inhaler … it is a yellow inhaler with an orange cap? If so, is the Proventil. If not, I’m not sure what you haben.Hat inhaler the doctor give you a spacer? Try a fast acting inhaler. Combivent, Xopenex levalbuterol or are flink.Es sounds to me that you need to see a pulmonologist. They will do tests on you to see how bad your asthma is and what medications work best for you. They will put on a regime of prolonged medication and will give you a fast acting inhaler that will work for Sie.Ihr family doctor can be a good doctor, but in cases of asthma, you really need someone in the treatment diseases of the lungs spezialisiert.Es my advice is that you see the pulmonologist soon, that way you will not have to deal with the “what if” of Krisensituationen.Good Luck

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I’m sure your blue inhaler is either salumol or salbutamol, and I’m afraid they are your rescue inhaler, so if its not working for you, an ambulance must be called, there is nothing k√∂nnen.Entschuldigung.Versuchen what you do it with a spacer, can you helfen.Sind in the UK?

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Yes. The blue inhaler is just a beta-agonist drugs. There are others on the market now. Xopenex has now made an inhaler. It is a form of albuterol but with some minor tweeks. There is also a resue inhaler. I’ve had children I take care of it for you success. Others are: metaproterenol, pirbuterol, terbutaline, formoterol, salmeterol andalso … get yourself a spacer. It can further deposition of the drug. Without a spacer is only about 10-15% of the drugs … why you always be worse. They simply arent getting the medications that you brauchen.Sprechen with your doctor to find a new form of beta-agonist drugs for bronchodilation. Do not let them say so bad, sorry about your luck. There are other medications that patients with a great success rate!


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