Asthma Remedies


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  1. gentlemonsterkennels says:

    I have, I never use an inhaler just in case, though. I have seasonal asthma (extremely minor). I keep it in chess with black coffee alone

  2. busyhappyknitter says:

    I have asthma all my life. Last year I decided to take my inhaler and use natural remedies. I drink two cups of black coffee every morning. I train 20 minutes. one day, and I also drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and my asthma is large.

  3. Kieran Flynn says:

    Ok i have a blue haler I have xx

  4. juju jujud says:

    u look good girl. I got asthma I drink much water as u said it, but I have a question if u can answer 2 me. Coffee does not help or?

  5. 1kyscott1 says:

    Hello! I use Proventil, it is a slightly yellowish color

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