what can be the reason for more sleep?

what can be the reason for more sleep? my friend is 30 years old.The problem with it is that it is up to 11 a few times and am 12.noon schläft.Sach...

what can be the reason for more sleep?
my friend is 30 years old.The problem with it is that it is up to 11 a few times and am 12.noon schläft.Sache that he sleeps well on time and no hard work to tun.er some times even sleeps in the Mittagspause.Ich want to know, this is a disease, why someone brought up something much sleep he has not consumed alchohol has to be treated or not even smokes.can this problem Best Answer (s):.

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your friend

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Maybe he stays up late? Sometimes people who do very little to no exercise and eat a poor diet can also show how tired they are. Depression is another way or any of the various Schlafstörungen.Warum do not you talk to him and see if something is troubling him.

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It is one of the downfalls of Depression.Wenn I in a low (lower atmosphere) I’m sleeping tons. I can not control it, and it nervt.Sie ​​should it matter to some prozac or something to help deal with these lows talk.

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hey I’ve had to wake up a sleeping disorder for about 19 years when I’m working in the morning at 6 clock began each day in a routine u Its all about laziness he prob Cu is then wakes up he goes 2 bed at 4 am to get to tell him he needs to get a scheduale trust ME IT WORKS!

Answer by Laura S
OK, there is no simple answer. If it bothers him, he should see a doctor. It could be many things. Thyroid problem (a kind rare in men, but still happens), anemia, stress (good and bad cause sleep), sleep apnea, etc. The only thing that can really be done, a sleep study is for him to have. I wish him good luck. God Bless!

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response of CNC be unhappy or he could just be tired … That sounds like a silly answer, but eventually if you sleep too much, you get really, müde.Sie really should ask him why he sleeps so much. If it is because he is depressed then, is he should see a doctor. If it is only because he is tired, then tell him to make a 9 hr. or to sleep at night like midnight until 9 or so.

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Especially when he goes to bed late, he will sleep late depression might also need more info

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lacks energy. I find that when I get tired in the afternoon at work in the cause of their lack of energy. I find the best remedy to go for one hour walk every day either morning or after lunch. also any cardio workout. everything to the heart to pump. This will result in more oxygen to the brain, go get the blood flowing and metabolisim. believe me, he is a much better feeling. but he may need encouragement and help. so maybe when his friend you should see it. something to do with it. even if it is an easy walk for a Stunde.sollten you find he sleeps better at night and feel refreshed in the morning and have a longer attention span in the afternoon. not sound like it when he sleeps until noon and then works the afternoons. he needs to be active and stop being so lazy. !! plain and simple

answer by Shan
thyroid or other medical problems: He should have a complete checkup. Tired / LACK ENERGY: Take 4 Omega 3 fish oil daily. They should be certified as being free of mercury, and if containing vitamin E, it should be shown from a natural source, otherwise it is synthetic: avoid it! Enjoy with an orange, grapefruit, or their freshly squeezed juice or another good antioxidant. Consider a 100% natural vitamin B complex, daily. Eat a healthy diet, in accordance with your “nutritional type” as in http://www.mercola.com/ search bar bestimmt.Trinken 2-4 cups of green tea, daily: preferably honey / lemon ginseng, from Celestial Seasonings: supermarket tea gear. As with all herbal / green teas, use lemon / lime, and / or a little sweetener (not artificial!), But no cream or milk. Work out täglich.Xylitol is preferable, (health food stores) or fruit sugar (fructose, such as “Fruisana”, from supermarket sugar courses) or even a little honey, because these will be “sugar spikes”, which later lead you to reduce energy. Minimize / eliminate consumption of highly processed foods, particularly grain products such as white bread, donuts, cake, cookies / biscuits, or anything with sugar. Opt for more wholefoods, non-starchy vegetables (especially broccoli and spinach, with lemon or vinegar), and fruit. If you have a medical examination (the function of the thyroid, adrenal, etc.), including blood tests, for low iron levels. Many people in Western countries are lacking in minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium, so it is a good idea to have those levels checked as well

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  1. neko_sai says:

    maybe he is tired .. if you are tired you sleep too much ..

  2. pari says:

    Hello Toploser …. I assume that your friend may need more than 8 hours of sleep or he is depressed, etc. ………………….. Regarding par ……………………. ……………………

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