Time Lapse: Sunrise Bribie Iceland with the new Olympus TG-1


9 Responses to “Time Lapse: Sunrise Bribie Iceland with the new Olympus TG-1”

  1. Andrew McCarthy-Wood says:

    Filmed about 25 minutes and have the editing in Prem Pro …

  2. Christos Koutsouras says:

    as you have the passage, what was your process?

  3. Andrew McCarthy-Wood says:

    Thanks for checking it out mate. I film. 1080p full setting of the sunset and then they fall into Prem Pro later

  4. wearesymbiotic says:

    Nice video mate! I flipped up I have the same camera – you have it on Minature mode and take a picture? That’s the only way I’ve found so far. Oh, and what’s the tune?

  5. Andrew McCarthy-Wood says:

    Thank you! Yes, I have the same challenge with internet speed.

  6. Stratboy999 says:

    It looks very crisp, but I do not always see them in the highest definition, since I usually get a bit downloads Verzögerung.Ich thought I would try it since it was a new camera. Worth the wait …!

  7. Andrew McCarthy-Wood says:

    I have it and find it very different from my old business! Olympus TG-1.

  8. ajohnsonlive says:

    That was nice, buddy, what camera it?

  9. Andrew McCarthy-Wood says:

    Thanks mate! Have you noticed the difference from the old camera I was using?

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