Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery: Day 5


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  1. KoDominoPS3 says:

    I just had on 15 July done on my left shoulder … Cough still makes the sharp pain you have spoken. Just this video was glad you are doing much better.

  2. Rachel Porter says:

    I’m out of surgery # 2 approximately 12 weeks I had another surgeon this time and I feel much better than I did after surgery # first It’s strange, but I think I got more out of this surgery, I ended up getting a wedge pillow off of Amazon. It was quite a life saver for sleeping in bed. I’ve never had it, so thought thanks for the idea!

  3. Anna Hennings says:

    So sorry for taking this long to get back to you! It’s probably too late, but I link to the wedges in the description of my videos. I can not add links to the comments here, but if you google for “PureFit Adjustable Wedge System” from the Relax the Back store – that’s it! Hope you do better!

  4. sekzidoodle says:

    I’m so glad that someone wrote post op videos by for a few days. I’m going in a few days and I’m nervous, totally dependent lol. These are super awesome and very helpful! Thank you for all your advice!

  5. Rachel Porter says:

    Hey there! I have seen most of your videos and in one of them, you mention a wedge pillow. What size pillow you end up getting? I had my second surgery arthoscopic shoulder (same shoulder) last week and this time sleeping is much worse. There are so many types of pillows out there and different sizes, it is a little confusing!

  6. Jermain Sterling says:

    great videos in with my surgery on 26 done, with the exception of having to shorten my biceps, I feel pretty good about the surgery and it’s all because of your videos

  7. Anna Hennings says:

    You’re so welcome! Yes, that white thing is the packing for my cold therapy device that pumps cold water into the pad under the white thing. I wore it (and used the cold therapy) almost constantly during the first week after surgery. And you’re right: a bra is a no-go! I have my swimsuit top (ties at neck and around bust) be used if need be, but also that I do not bind. I have found a couple of pipe and halter-tops and strapless dresses, no bra on and I wear them all the time!

  8. ldsfanclub says:

    You do not know how much I appreciate your video! I noticed on a previous video asking several question but just more you have answered a lot of them. Do you wear the white thing all the time. what is it? I suspect it was was the icing thing, but now I’m not sure. I suspect, wearing a bra is not possible? thank you!

  9. TheNewMusicNetwork says:

    remain tough pippi

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