Nike Air Force 1 One Medal Stand Max Air NRG USA QA Review * Secret * Society Sneaker


18 Responses to “Nike Air Force 1 One Medal Stand Max Air NRG USA QA Review * Secret * Society Sneaker”

  1. gucci montana says:

    I’m worth gettinggggggggggggggggggggggg

  2. phantom2k10 says:

    I have the black leather reflective version of this * yeeeah with the bazillian flag on tongue * BOI is now exclusive

  3. ronmatik says:

    I’m glad I waited it out … grabbed a pair for 127 shipped, but that air alone with the touch of yellow really has me …

  4. yobaj337 says:

    Man, I had to jump on this. Ordered from eBay for $ 196th Had to do it. Can not wait to see in person hardly!

  5. eric varela says: had a delivery of goods

  6. SecretSneakerSociety says:

    I agree! I feel like Nike did a great job with these … due to the fact that they were going during the awards ceremony, they were not to be worn over the top, and I feel like Nike did a great job with em

  7. Brandon Maxwell says:

    The premium leather is comfortable bro. Attention to detail is the key to the shoe

  8. SecretSneakerSociety says:

    Honestly the best and cheapest place to get it is ebay now ….. Search Luftwaffe medal stand and you should find them in your size. They go for anywhere from $ 200 – $ 270 depending on the provider, but it seems to be $ 250 for the most part be!

  9. UrGarbage10 says:

    Were Eyy I get some of them?

  10. SecretSneakerSociety says:

    Hellz yeah! What is your fav thing about em?

  11. SecretSneakerSociety says:

    Did you cop this just cuz u saw the video?!

  12. Brandon Maxwell says:

    I just copped my today

  13. CMyOnes says:

    My homie just picked up the last size 12 for me at House of Hoops, than you, These kicks are hot.

  14. SecretSneakerSociety says:

    Top 3 of all time for me!

  15. therealbrowngamer says:

    I want this so bad now.

  16. Max van den Brink says:

    I guess, and I have to agree. In fact, my latest pick-up was a general release.

  17. SecretSneakerSociety says:

    Oh of course … with any hobby, it is something rare, the more people want it, but I think people forget that there are general releases that are just as nice that are worth getting are, but to do so or so, what do you do .. . You clearly have your head in the right places and his aspiring sneakerheads like you, who believe me that it still make faith in this community.

  18. Max van den Brink says:

    Do not get me wrong, I love jordans or at least some models. But exclusivity is always going to be a factor in the community. Not all of my shoes are super exclusive or anything, but wear something that everyone without them knowing what it is wearing is not fun for me. As I got to know this community I like shoes because I bought the story or the materials or the model, but I always like to like and what excited me.

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