15 Responses to “GIVE ME pills, NOT BABIES”

  1. Brehserman says:

    They forget that children also have an inherent value for the future of a state. Not in every case, but statistically its probably in the interest of the state, that people are more children than they do currently. So if you have children and raise them well you actually do, even if they pay the state a great favor for just about everything. I do not know how it works in the U.S., but here in Germany you get fe € 250 for each child every month your background does not matter.

  2. Enoch Sarcophagus says:

    No brother should pay the government to have SEX with all of us! USA! USA!

  3. Enoch Sarcophagus says:

    Great titles. Gold star. Sarcophagus.

  4. dgeypscun . says:

    I disagree with TheanhedonicAngel. Hormonal contraceptives is great for someone in a committed relationship. With a dedicated partner you can secure in the fact that they are not infected with anything. Sexually active women without partners are committed to a higher rate of infection and need the protection provided by condoms. The pill can not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

  5. Animaine Sparkster says:

    This overly religious nuts annoy me to no end. They know nothing about results not care, they are just selfish asshats who want enforcement of their beliefs on others. Then there are the “IDC about abortion, I just do not want to pay for it” crowd. But they do not have to pay the actual cost, the cost of obtaining unwanted children think. And that is all we will have a cost to pay.

  6. Unworshipediety says:

    Wow you knocked out of the park this time. Large videoooo

  7. YesIamJames says:

    Yay more, more! If you want a good cheap video editor, try VideoPad.

  8. MistressArte says:

    Unless she offers come with free Wi-sex workers, they do not pay for your sex life, although that would be a very friendly and loving government.

  9. TheNintendhoe says:

    The government should pay FOR MY SEX life!

  10. zombeepictureshow says:

    Great video.

  11. Kaspar Hauser says:

    Every time you reason and rationality in your life …… You make the baby Jesus cry.

  12. TheAnhedonicAngel says:

    But I must say if your just gettin ‘your groove on (lol), and you do not want anything serious, you’re just havin fun … then hormonal contraception is the smartest option. It if it were just a temporary thing though would be best. Make sure that you do your own research before you take it. I asked my OBGYN about potential risks and said she lied to my face and I had nothing to fear. Do not trust to be the doctor himself informed 🙂

  13. Alan Murray says:

    In the United Kingdom, all health care is free. You do not have to shell out $ 1,000 for an IUD. Abortion is also free. And, ah, it cost us half of what America spends. I can not comment about the side effects of the pill, but I gather the latest spirals are as close as you can get to 100% effective. Laci Green has a video on their own experience with him, and RH Health Check has an in-depth feature on it before kurzem.Dies might sound strange coming from a man, but you’re going, I worry about it.

  14. TheAnhedonicAngel says:

    Lol sorry, busy 🙂

  15. TheAnhedonicAngel says:

    But natural family planning only works if you learn your body, are didligent about kepping track of the cycle, and you have a cooperative partner you can trust. If you are not pregnant 🙂 Not that anything bad will happen, but I had some of the worst experiences on hormonal contraception: (I might PM you about it later.

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