AMP-3 EDC on the trail in Central Oregon


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  1. pumile0812 says:

    Pencils are the best and cheapest way to write on such a rain proof paper! We (as a freshwater ecologist) use it all the time under various conditions – a colleague lost his little book once in a river, and it was further downstream intact and legible found over a year later in a fish trap,! So, no worries, it really works!

  2. fatlarry1962 says:

    Hey docIch wish you’d started selling your kits a year ago, before I mounted my Level I and Level II kit. I would have saved allot of money .. I’m ordering a few of these .. EDC kits in the near future Keep up the good work.

  3. oyarrito says:

    Definite thumbs up! Nice kit. Thanks for posting. Keep up the good work!

  4. stompySharpNpointy says:

    @ USNERDOC talk about the emergency tornado in Joplin was about 60 miles from me .. Thank God my friends in Joplin are OK, but 1k to 1.5 K were still missing, Lamar were I live, is the starting point to get some people from Joplin MO enclosed buildings (stores etc) are used for shelters

  5. BigOStyle1 says:

    Nice kit! Thanks for posting. Keep up the good work and keep the knowledge!

  6. USNERDOC says:

    – Pencil works great in the rain. . . is a short video do for you!

  7. Camp Fire Whittler says:

    If the pencil stick to the letter in the paper or rain it will smear. I would think ink would work on the writing paper in the rain, but not pencil? Doc, you have tested the pencil on the paper writing in the rain? Thank you, love your work and great kits!

  8. trenttyre says:

    Can you guys start the publication of the weights of your kits on your website?

  9. mysciencenow says:

    good kit .. especially the small saw

  10. beast12101 says:

    I like the perfect size. No reason you cant at least that to you.

  11. TruthWarriorFilms says:

    Excellent EDC!

  12. NoGo90 says:

    Stay Alert chewing gum could make a killing at a university!

  13. hinckleypoland says:

    Great little kit david. Thanks for sharing!

  14. ihikearound says:

    Nice, summarizing the details of our trek to Utah, Meet with snowlobo, and we used the kit several times in Bryce Canyon, I get the letter soon. Love the kit and it will go to the Alps this summer.

  15. LordTimelord says:

    I’m as guilty as most people do not use a first aid kit when I’m outside. Her elaborate kits are going to find their place in my truck, backpack, and a small storage under my bike seat, I went on my bike last year at about 30 mph. I was all geared up for safety, so I was basically fine. The only (very minor) injuries I had a Friction on my left knee from my Motorcycle Kevlar reinforced jeans (she rode when she touched the pavement) burn.

  16. Anobis Bloodwing says:

    Good kit. And remain vigilant that stuf is really strong. A red-bul is just only 38mg per can (200 mL). Mine dident came with the utility saw. only possible with knif.

  17. P226nut says:

    You should add a small flint, but the end user is likely that tun.Ich still love the kit other wise and order, thanks Doc!

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