what are the most effective SSRI to date?

what the most effective SSRIs are currently? just want to know what options I can change. Effexor has some negative impact on me Best Answer (s): ...

what the most effective SSRIs are currently?
just want to know what options I can change. Effexor has some negative impact on me Best Answer (s):

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SSRIs are terrible for you …. really, to stay away from them. They cause all kinds of neurological damage and are terrible for you. My acupuncture dr. 80% said their patients for nero damage from AD you kommen.Versuchen, a good exercise routine instead. Start a long walk. Let yourself with brain heal incresed endorphin production.

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Some people swear Effexor so I just had to try it myself. I ended up with severe depression and suicidal thoughts. I walked away from him and Celexa was turned on. It has been a year now, and I feel pretty good. Out of all the antidepressants I have tried, I think I tried all of them, Celexa is the best for me so far

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‘ve been on Paxil and Lexapro. The Lexapro was great. but the Paxil sucked and I felt stunned 24/7.

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OK as a medical librarian I have a lot of bad stuff to read SSRIs and antidepressants in general. If I had to take something, I would take Clonopin to relax or maybe Xanax. Go to the FDA and see the studies and reports negative. Actually literature shows that exericse, if not better in combination with talk therapy is just as effective. Search PubMed for it. The drug companies are pushing these drugs to everyone’s throat and MD are delivering them like water. If you are a teenager are-the risk of suicide is very real. Each MD, this should still know that they seem to be still unconcerned. Talk therapy can actually solve some problems or help with coping strategies and movement for decades, been know to lift his mood. (The practice has been researched to death) insurance prefer drugs b / c it was cheaper than counseling. If you are seriously suicidal, then have to stay in hospital. If you are not and can” t seem to leave the house again. Clonopin or Xanax. Buspar-not sure if the research is really good on this noch.Die side effects of SSRIs are horrible and honestly ridiculous. They should only be a short term solution anyway. Have not read I no long terms studies have shown the long-term effects of SSRIs 20 to 30 years from now (they are so new, at least in relative terms for a drug). The FDA is in the amount of bending to the pharmaceutical companies that really lobbying politicians to death. Very annoying when some MD-only SSRI throws at you. To have first test your thyroid (if standard, but low to an endocrinologist, go prescribe Synthroid – try that). If you are tired, get a sleep study. The MD (father of sleep medicine) has a wonderful book about the fact that the MD have no idea teh over 200 sleep disorders, people. 1 in 100 have very mild narcolepsy too! Many people with mood irritability and depression really a CPAP device or drugs for narcolepsy or help with Restless Legs Syndrome (do not take the medications for RLS way to many problems with it, it is new and many people are weak on it-think the FDA can change the warning on this). Have your blood sugar checked fasting and A1C. IF you are feelnig fearful of a cheap glucometer ($ 30) and check to see if your blood sugar is low. If you have trouble breathing go to an allergist and a pulmonary function test (just simply blow into a tube) need allergy shots or a rescue inhaler (the inhalers can make you feel jitterly I like the Maxair). If really strange symptoms may happen your immune system is more blood tests wrong-again. Many MD today are too repellent and really could not give a damn as the actual real reason for symtoms. I have read many articles that autoimmune diseases – such as lupus or MS sometimes take years before the actual diagnosis d / t MD thinks the act psychosomatic patients. After I saw a nurse patients coming with advanced cancer and pain, stating the MD explained that the pain was worked psychosomatic. I have patients appear with severe headaches that where actually getting anyeurisms brain and the MD told the patients that they need to learn relaxation skills. I hav over and over again heard the stories. Sorry for the endless tirade. If you take the SSRIs but if there is more going on trying to get to the heart of the matter. At least a good qualified consultant. IMO of course …

reply by Krista I had the best results from Paxil.

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