how do you treat a broken arm?

how you treat a broken arm? Best Answer (s): reply by Tonia G Hospital answer Lax-angel to dr. and a cast. Reply birdsdafly to the ER ...

how you treat a broken arm?
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answer Lax-angel
to dr. and a cast.

Reply birdsdafly
to the ER to treat the problem immediately.

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go to a doctor. It sets the arm (x-rays, to see the kind of break and how best to set it up) either on a cast, pins / plates, etc. You must then keep it still and it was not until as directed by the physician heals .

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depends on the location and severity of the fracture. Simple fractures are usually cast only. A break causes a misalignment of the bones may require surgery. Several breaks also require surgery, traction and placement of rods, pins, plates, screws, or other devices.

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Hello students Here are some resources to the problem of AIDS beheben.Herbal: 1 Comfrey tea and organic calcium: After the doctor has set the bone, drinking three or more cups of comfrey tea every day – the more the better. With every cup of tea, take the calcium combination. This is the formula: [The Dr. Christopher Calc Tea formula is] six parts horsetail Gras4 parts Beinwellwurzel3 parts Haferstroh1 part LobeliaF├╝r children old enough to take capsules, # 00 capsules you use two or more, three times in a day. As already indicated, take these capsules with comfrey tea. Mix the powder with molasses, though it’s hard to schlucken.2 the capsules. Steroids can increase Broken Bones: Dangerous nor are the steroids such as prednisone and Vanceril. When taken by children, these drugs can affect growth and sexual maturation. It promotes yeast infections both locally and systemically. Adrenal insufficiency has been traced to this drug so strong that death can result. Bone fractures are common among the recipients of this type of drug. And if you are willing to get themselves off the drug, you can suffer all kinds of side effects (withdrawal symptoms), such as the inability to body heat, extreme fatigue, weakness, fatigue, palpitations, and so on halten.3. Broken Bones after he set: Once a doctor set the bone, drinking three or more cups of BF & C and / or comfrey tea or green drink per day. With each cup take two or more capsules of Calc Formel.4. Dr. Christopher BF & C: Over the years of practice, I have a number of patients who had bone fractures from osteoporosis. One case was a woman in her mid-eighties with a broken hip. After three months in a cast, it showed no signs of healing, not more than two pieces of stick together grows. This woman was scared because she was told that if the hip bones are not knit after putting on a different cast for three months, they would her leg cut open and use stainless steel rods, bolts and nuts to make it possible for her, at least get on Kr├╝cken.Das was in the early sixties and much comfrey was not available then. The lady’s daughter was in one of my classes, and we asked the students to help by donating as much comfrey as they could. We had enough donated by the participants that the patient of a pint to a liter of green drink or Comfrey Comfrey had tea per day, six days a week, week after week. At the end of this “three months,” the cast was removed and the doctors were amazed, because in the first three months of “no ropes” of the bone were also evident, but with the comfrey is made orally during the next three months, the leg was healed . The daughter told us her mother was out of square dancing within a few weeks after the cast was removed! Since this case was so outstanding, we have developed a formula called “bone, flesh and cartilage.” [BF & C] This formula does wonderful things with a broken back, legs, hips, etc. This formula has been done on the curvature of the spine, polio, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy, stroke and arthritis of the bone. This formula is used externally and orally and has brought enormous fast Ergebnisse.Best of Health for SieProst

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go to the hospital immediately

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