Albuterol alternative?

albuterol alternative? I was prescribed albuterol, and I had the horrbible side effects of rapid hearbeat and nausea. It was schrecklich.Gibt any as...

albuterol alternative?
I was prescribed albuterol, and I had the horrbible side effects of rapid hearbeat and nausea. It was schrecklich.Gibt any asthma medications that do not cause the Best Answer (s):

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yes, it is a drug called Xopenex (Sepracor), which comes as an inhaler or a nebulizer solution is the generic name Leva-albuterol (the right side albuterol) – has all the effects without the side effects. Ask the your MD for a prescription he may even be able to provide samples for you

Reply b8k3p I have tachycardia and PVC (an irregular heartbeat; is too fast), and I have asthma. I take albuterol (because I can not afford advair) but albuterol causes my heart to race (as 190-210 beats per minute) There are medications that can be used in place of albuterol, reduce the need for albuterol -., Some of these drugs are Advair, Azmacort and Beclovent. Durable Inhalatoren.Kurzfristige inhalers such as salbutamol, metoproterenol., And Pirbuterol all have a risk of increasing the heart rate, it is because of the way that they function in the heart and lungs. With one of the long-acting inhalers reduces your need for fast-acting inhalers and thereby reducing Nebenwirkungen.Eine Another option is a drug called a beta-blocker to add to your treatment regimen. . . but there is a Problem.Arzneimittel as albuterol help “beta is” because when “the beta” helped that we breathe easier (but our heart rate goes up, too). If you have a beta-blocker (such as a low dose of metoprolol) add it means that your albuterol will be less effective. . . and your asthma may get worse (as beta-blockers, the “beta’s” … and block the “beta the” help us breathe better).

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I use Spiriva med than once a day, with albuterol as a rescue med (like 2 times in the last 4 months) I had problems with Xopenex, Combivent, Flovent AtroventIch asmenex use as my SteroidNur a different set of things

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Yah, actually I’ve just complained to my doctor about the same thing. (I told her not to use it because it makes me so shaky) She told me that with my heart condition, I should not be because of the rapid heartbeat causes it to albuterol. They prescribed Xopenex. I ised it a few times so far, and it does not have the terrible Nebenwirkungen.Auch I noticed that when I take albuterol through a nebulizer, the side effects are not so bad. I do not especially like doing the “neb” though.

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Xopenex is a bronchodilator is an alternative to cardiac probably have fewer side effects than albuterol. It is more expensive, but it is not be made as often as albuterol, so that it resembles all when used correctly in the end. You might also want to try using an Advair MDI, which is an inhaler twice a day. It is a combination of Serevent (which is a long acting time released bronchi) and Flovent (an inhaled steroid that helps prevent the occurrence of inflammation). With the regular use of Advair, most asthmatics find that they do not need to use their rescue medication (albuterol or Xopenex) so often. I hope this helps.

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