What are some home remedies to get rid of an asthma attack?

What are some home remedies to get rid of an asthma attack? Best Answer (s): response of the mother If you really have asthma, not to play aro...

What are some home remedies to get rid of an asthma attack?
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response of the mother
If you really have asthma, not to play around with home remedies. If you missed it, asthma attacks kill people. If you can not breathe, it’s not playing at the time to fix with natural remedies, or grandma’s old time favorite panacea. You do not have to get rid of asthma attacks with home remedies. You go to the doctor or to the emergency room and medical professional help so that you can see the sun rise, get tomorrow. You can try to try old remedies and holistic methods to prevent an attack, but if you start again, well it’s either you do what makes sense and find out if you really can breathe through your ears.

response from the French port
the first answerer is very thorough and informative, but I’ll answer your question ……… black coffee without sugar is a natural antihistamine and can help a small attack.

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If you are having an asthma attack, it is important to keep your asthma verwaltet.Während by a pulmonologist, some things might work at home, like a steaming shower , Vicks, eucalyptus and things like this, I do not know empfehlen.Einer of the biggest myths about asthma is that it is not to have a serious illness. Human airways may be more reactive than other people, the respiratory tract, but when we speak of a disease that has to do with breathing, it’s a serious illness. The American Lung Association says: “If you can not breathe, nothing else matters …”. Anyone who has ever had to do battle for their next breath that this is very true. Asthma should be taken no matter how “mild”, seriously .. Controlling asthma requires those to the doctor and some common Menschenverstand.1 instructions. What triggers your asthma?-If every time you go to the store and go to the scent path, you have an attack, perhaps you should avoid going this Gang.-If dust is the trigger then make sure that you Change your furnace filter every three months and something the air reinigt.Andere trigger can be a cold or flu. At the first sign of them to come to see in touch with your pulmonologist what you should do to keep your asthma under control halten.Reizstoffe such as cigarette smoke, stress and strong smelling cleaners are also things that your asthma you auslösen.Vermeiden these triggers as much as possible. If you are unable for any reason to avoid it, keep a rescue inhaler on your person at all times. Rescue inhalers may include the following: Proventil, Albuterol, Ventolin and Combivent. These are all Inhalatoren.2 fast-acting. What are your doctor’s orders? If your doctor has ordered some long-lasting bronchodilators such as Spiriva, Foradil and Serevent, they continue, even if you feel well. Likewise, if your doctor has ordered maintenance respiratory medications such as Advair or Asthmanex, hold that every day, even if your breathing is fantastisch.Ein Another myth of asthma is that every doctor is qualified to manage asthma. This is a disease that requires a specialist. A Pulmonolgist is a pulmonologist. You should be aware of the treatments that are available and work better and longer than the old new treatments. Your family doctor is wonderful, but if you have asthma, you should not trust your breathing only every Arzt.Ich wish you good luck and good breathability.

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Caffiene. But Mama is right-get help. Asthma is dangerous.

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