Side effects of Generic Birth Control


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  1. sixtwentysevenblog says:

    Wow! 15 pounds in 3 months … I would have jumped ship with the first five pounds lol … good job with the switch.

  2. sixtwentysevenblog says:

    Yes, I ignored some of the symptoms for a while, but more attention I see that the generic was the cause, can. I’m back on my regular birth control now … smooth sailing!

  3. MrsMusicalMe says:

    I’ve been on a few types of bc and never had a problem, but my doc has on a generic name Desogen to regulate my period for me, but let me tell ya I’m with the side effects. The worst thing is that my breasts are sore and I’m super cranky. Change the call to the doc Monday

  4. melodope says:

    I had looked at a generic brand called Sprintec, which work fine for me. I only took it for a month though. A few years later I was with a generic Junel Fe 24 and it gave me headaches and I gained 15 pounds in 3 months. I said to hell with this .. and now I’m not on any BC at all.

  5. sixtwentysevenblog says:

    Oooh … I never heard of chewable BC.That seems interesting. I’ve never watch and I was not about that life lol … had to get back to what works for me.

  6. sixtwentysevenblog says:

    I’m glad you actually like to watch … lol and I agree with you. I have some of my favorite vloggers diving for a while and then I sit around like WTF lol .. come back and make videos.

  7. 2girlswithcurls says:

    Ooppss hit the wrong button :/ lol please more blogs by chance or not, because u crack me and I am looking forward to it 🙂 lol

  8. 2girlswithcurls says:

    Idk about everyone else, but I noticed u were def not .. Contribution you can stop that .. pla

  9. Natural010511 says:

    It sucks that your insurance for you …. SMH changed. I’m awesome with Generess Fe for a few years and his! It is a chewable tablet that tastes minty BC. Before that I was with Loestrin Fe and the stuff has me cranky and weight gain …. So I had to change. The only time that I have is spotting when I have a pill … other than that its all good to miss. I use autoship mail order and it only cost me $ 9 every three months.

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