I just found out my dog ​​has pravo virus.?

I just found out my dog ​​has pravo virus.? I found out my dog ​​has pravo virus someone has the virus cured at home, I can not afford to le...

I just found out my dog ​​has pravo virus.?
I found out my dog ​​has pravo virus someone has the virus cured at home, I can not afford to let him stay at Tierarzt.bitte help me I am really we have to take him to the vet and they gave him 2 shots this morning and we fear We have pills to give him, but I’m really Angst.Dankeschön to evreyone who responded, he will be fine, he has a full recovery of the treatment at home and several calls to Tierarzt.danke. Best Answer (s):

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parvo virus is very serious, I’m afraid, and can often be fatal. If your dog is to have any chance to survive, it needs urgent vet you do not Behandlung.Wenn can afford, please contact some animal charity in your area – Parvovirus is very painful and it is not fair to let your dog suffer

response from Over All Theatre There is no cure at home unfortunately. I lost a dog a few years back becuz I could not afford to take him to the vet. take it! see if you can figure out a payment plan if necessary let’s not put him in pain

answer to life’s great in Southampton UK
His ParvovirusWarum your dog is not vaccinated sell you sell your computer everything that you have set up a payment plan with your vet or try the ASPCA there options

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him pravo pills put it in like wet dog food at Wal-how Mart with the cute dog on the packaging, it’s like the individual ones

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you need at least your dog to the vet and get medication for it, I did treat my dog ​​at home, and he survived, but with out meds he wll not geschafft.sehen when one of the vets in your area to do a payment plan thats what I will do hatte.der vet explain what to do and what not

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was “cured” at home in front of people, but it is not often that this happens. Your dog needs around the clock care and veterinarian must have intravenous fluids. He needs to stay hydrated, otherwise he will die of dehydration. With parvo, they have vomiting and diarrhea, so they will not keep fluids in her system. Without stay hydrated, it will not make it. He needs care vet.Nehmen you take out a loan, apply for care credit, wash cars, mow some lawns, babysit, etc. Do what you must do. It is unlikely that he better at home.

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Parvo is fatal if not too late to make it to the vet as soon as possible

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increase the chances of survival when the puppy said wird.Nuff received care in the hospital.

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here is an archived article about parvo. The website is full of doggedhealth.com health content of all vet bereitgestelltenvon gooddog4
hope this helps you. I have some puppies that have come to the hospital and survived gesehen.Sie help of your veterinarian need to make this getan.Bitten for help as much as they help you stay without your puppy kann.Viel luck and God bless your PuppyParvo treatment1. Treat Dehydration: The first concern, because of the severe vomiting and diarrhea is dehydration. If your dog is not able to keep fluids, he will be given by IV or subcutaneous fluids. Many vets prefer to give fluids by IV, so that they also can give a balanced electrolyte solution. Medications can also be given to stop the vomiting and diarrhea. A drug may be prescribed to verhindern.2 vomiting. Prevention of infections: Antibiotics are given to prevent secondary bacterial infection recommend the setting in. Many vets give antibiotics by injection or IV rather than giving them orally because the digestive tract is affected. Commonly used antibiotics include Cefazolin, Baytril, ampicillin, gentamicin, and chloramphenicol Trimethoprin-Aulfa. Subside after the gastrointestinal symptoms, a broad-spectrum de-worming agent is often used as gut.Parvo treatment does not end when your dog comes out of the hospital. He will probably still be on drugs when he comes home. It can also .3 on a special bland diet. Cleanliness: Parvo is very contagious and can survive on objects such as clothing, food and cage floors for six months or more. Do not throw dog bowls. Clean or discard beds. You need your dog to disinfect the surroundings so that it does not become reinfected. Use half a cup of bleach to a gallon of water and clean his dishes, toys, cage and other items that he uses regularly. Wash in hot water and soft objects Bleichmittel.4. Remove feces: Parvo is shed in the feces of infected dogs. Remove all dog waste from your yard and spray the yard with Schlauch.5. Isolate: Your dog is recovering still contagious for about two months, he should be kept from other dogs. This means you should not even from his chair, where she could sniff other dogs. Ask if he können.6 be safe around other dogs your vet. Nutrition: Recent studies show that if your dog is not vomiting, it is better to continue feeding your dog against the historical method of food your dog in the first 12 hours. Some veterinarians offer an intravenous feeding tube (feeing through a vein).

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    Puppy needs iv fluids in a veterinary office.theres no way around it.

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